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Stories of Us is your source for the stories of our FUMCFW Faith Community — and how each fits in with our Healthy Plate Discipleship.

We Respond: Crisis at the Border

While news reports of what’s going on at the border can be both confusing and distressing. Here’s what FUMCFW Community Advocate Charme Robarts learned — and the response of our Church to his humanitarian crisis.


First Church Welcomes a New Business Staff Addition

Say hello to longtime church member and leader Ralph Green as he enters a new role with FUMCFW!


Shout Out to Mark Burrows!

Many if not most of us know him as our own “Mister Mark,” innovator and developer of our thriving FUMCFW Children’s Ministries. Here’s what you may not know about this creative dynamo.


FUMCFW Youth: Innovating for the Future!

Discover how our FUMCFW Youth Ministries will be part of taking youth ministry design to the next level through their participation in the CYMT Youth Ministry Innovation Laboratory!


FSMM Partners with Moncrief Cancer Institute to Offer Free Hep C Screenings

First Street Methodist Mission and Moncrief Cancer Institute offer life-saving Hepatitis C screening tests for our Mission clients, courtesy of a CPRIT pharmaceutical grant.


Sometimes We Get to Know

We know that our First Street Methodist Mission helps a lot of people with a lot of different things. But do we ever really know firsthand the impact of these services? This week we do.


First Church is First Dementia Friendly Certified Faith Community! 

On May 21, our FUMCFW Staff earned its Dementia Friendly certification, making us the first faith community in Tarrant County to achieve this distinction. Why is that important?


The Summer of  Music at FUMCFW!

With the lazy, hazy days of summer now fully upon us, the music scene at FUMCFW is still hoppin’ with three special events and an opportunity you’ll want to be part of!


Share a little time with our Children’s and Youth Ministries — it’s a two-way blessing!

Exciting growth in our Children’s and Youth Ministries means we need qualified, committed, and caring adult volunteers to amplify this positive impact on the lives of our children. Here’s how!


Whenever You Call, We’ll Be There!

When you or a loved one is in the hospital, kind of support do you want and need from your church? Here’s why just putting FUMCFW on your admission forms isn’t enough to let us know.  


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