Grief Support: “Give Sorrow Words”

By January 17, 2020

After a loved one dies, we experience a constellation of feelings and emotions that can leave us feeling drained and sometimes anxious and alone. No one should feel like they’re dealing with these emotions alone.

In the midst of these dark days, the Grief Support group at FUMCFW, led by Charme Robarts, certified Grief Support Specialist, is here to offer you a warm and welcoming place to talk about what you are going through. And hopefully, you will also gain some insight simply by listening and offering support to someone else who may be walking a path that is similar to yours.

This idea of sharing our sorrow is nothing new. Famously, in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Malcom tells his friend Macduff who has suffered great tragedy to, “Give sorrow words, The grief that does not speak, Whispers the o’er wrought heart and bids it break.” For centuries we have shared our grief and through that sharing somehow been able to gain our lives back.

Charme, who has been facilitating grief groups at FUMCFW since 2011 and hosts three or four each year, explains, “Sharing our thoughts, feelings, worries, and raw emotions during these difficult times has proven over and over again to be an important part of the healing process…And, while you may initially think you’d prefer to process these feelings on your own, the value of having a group of people who are dealing with similar emotions is often more meaningful that you might imagine. As in all of life, we can learn a lot from each other, and we can find solace in sharing our experience.”

Because the four weekly sessions of FUMCFW Grief Support each builds upon the other, it is important to attend all four to get the full benefit of this opportunity; registration for our next session closes on January 26. Contact Charme Robarts ( to register.


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