First Church Stepped Up!

By January 8, 2021

We asked, First Church answered! Thanks to your generosity during December, we successfully closed the gap on our 2020 financial year!

We’re still counting and waiting on some stock donations to settle, and we’re confident that, along with our somewhat lower expenses this year, we’ve successfully balanced our 2020 budget!

During December, 690 First Church households made a Step-Up! Gift to our ministry and operating budget. This includes 130 responses to the webform and many others who gave according to their regular giving patterns. We even received $14,000 in Text-to-Give gifts! When it comes to the Healthy Plate Discipleship practice of Giving, our First Church family leaves nothing on the table!

“In the midst of the very real losses we’ve all experienced during this pandemic, seeing so many people staying connected to God’s Grace by giving has strengthened my own faith,” says Steve Fagan, Director of Finance. “We’ve funded our ministries, increased giving to the Mission to meet the increased need, while also giving to NEXT90 to meet our future needs.”

While we celebrate this wonderful effect of coming together as a faith community to support our ministries, let’s also remember that as this new year begins, it is time now to turn our attention to what’s coming up in 2021. First, it’s essential to make sure we’ve all turned in our financial commitment for 2021 so that our clergy and program directors can plan and our Finance Committee can prepare a budget that will make the best and most meaningful use of the resources we have to work with.

“Filling out Commitment Cards is a very United Methodist way of planning and budgeting,” Steve adds, “It’s not a contract and can be adjusted as circumstances change. But letting us know your plans really helps your lay leaders figure out our ministry plans. “And,” he continues, “For anyone who is getting stimulus checks and doesn’t need those extra funds to live on, it’s a great opportunity to be generous!”

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