No Matter What-O’-Lanterns

By October 23, 2020

FUMCFW Youth have been doing “Quarantine Craft Time” on Sunday nights when we don’t have in-person programming, where we have staff, teenagers, or volunteers teach a craft on Instagram Live and Zoom in as a laid-back, failure-welcoming, fun environment! This past Sunday night, October 18, we had a teenager and her mom teach pumpkin carving.

When we arrived at the Justin Youth Building this Tuesday, we had a surprise — 4 Jack-o-Lanterns carved with the Sanctuary towers and our school year theme “No Matter What.” They’re so wonderful and such a sweet, thoughtful token of love and appreciation from our youth families! And we would love to shout them out — but we have no idea who to thank! We’ve asked on Instagram, Facebook, via text, and no one has confessed to this mischievous act of kindness! So we wanted to say thank you, thank you to our amazing youth families that have made us feel so special and loved this week! Your pumpkins hold a place of honor in the Justin (and in our hearts)!


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