What does it mean to be a “Beloved Child of God” in today’s world?

By January 7, 2019

This Sunday, Dr. Tim Bruster will begin our Epiphany 2019 worship series, Back to Basics: Luke’s Portrait of Jesus, with “Jesus, God’s Beloved Son.” Be sure to join us in the Sanctuary at 9:30 or 11:00 am for this thought-provoking exploration of the meaning of our baptism, what it means to be a “beloved child of God,” and how we can draw strength from that knowledge in our lives today.

Back to Basics: Luke’s Portrait of Jesus
A Sermon Series by Dr. Tim Bruster
January 13  – March 3, 2019

Traditional Worship
Sundays | 9:30 & 11:00 am | Sanctuary | Dr. Tim Bruster

January 6, 2019 — Epiphany Sunday
“Mission Impossible: Magi Edition” | Rev. Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez

January 13, 2019 — Baptism of Our Lord        
“Jesus, God’s Beloved Son”
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22
First in the series

January 20, 2019
“Jesus’ Childhood”
Luke 2:39-51
Second in the series

January 27, 2019 
“Jesus’ Mission Statement”
Luke 4:14-21
Third in the series

February 3, 2019     
“Simeon’s Song about Jesus”
Luke 2:22-40
Fourth in the series

February 10, 2019 
“Jesus — the One to Follow”
Luke 5:1-11
Fifth in the series

February 17, 2019 
“Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain, Part 1”
Luke 6:17-26
Sixth in the series

February 24, 2019 
“Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain, Part 2”
Luke 6:17-26
Seventh in the series

March 3, 2019 – Transfiguration Sunday
“Jesus’ Transfiguration”
Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a)
Eighth in the series


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