Gather With Us on the Church Steps

By September 18, 2020

On Sundays, September 20 and 27, First Church will celebrate another first with The Gathering headed outdoors for in-person worship at the 9:30 am on the front steps of the church. Fifth Street will be blocked off, just like in the good old days, and all are welcome to bring your lawn chair, sit with your family or household in the social distancing grid marked off to help keep everyone safe, and enjoy worship al fresco at First Church!

In this service, Rev. Lance Marshall, Co-Pastor, will continue his current Put Down Your Phone, And Other Steps For Spiritual Growth sermon series, and we’ll enjoy special music from Clint Church and his wife, Taylor (not socially distanced because . . .married!), along with prayers, scriptures, and all of your favorite Gathering worship elements — outdoors!

“What a day to celebrate!” Lance exclaims. “I can’t wait to see as many of you as possible! The weather should be beautiful. It’s going to be a great time of worship.”

A few reminders:

  • Masks must be worn at all times, covering mouth and nose
  • 6-foot social distance must be maintained at all times while on campus (including before and after the service, including in the parking lots as you go to your cars.)
  • Bring your own lawn chair and sit with your family or household in the social distancing grid marked off (we get it, you want to be able to sit together — and you may even have been isolating with or have had Saturday dinner with another family. For now, however, we’re keeping in-person gathering on our campus to family/household only. (This is partially to get us all used to what the rules will be when we move inside!)
  • Greet one another in non-contact ways (we know it’s hard not to hug — and virtual hugs and elbow bumps are getting so old!)
  • We discourage entering the building for any reason. Restrooms are available for emergencies only. (One family unit at a time; an attendant will direct you)
  • The church will not provide water/coffee service; please do not bring beverages as masks are to remain in place (no gaps!) at all times
  • Please do not bring food unless it’s medically necessary
  • We will not celebrate communion during this service
  • We will not be singing (even with masks on, even outside)
  • BYOB! (That would be Bring Your Own Bible); we will not be distributing any paper items during this service (but we’re working electronic hymnals and bulletins, so stay tuned!)
  • Please be sure to register to attend by filling out our COVID-19 screening form. (This is for the purpose of contact tracing and also to get everyone used to the protocols as we move toward indoor, in-person worship)

We so look forward to taking this huge and careful step back toward in-person worship. Please help us keep everyone safe and allow our church to move forward with additional plans that count on our concerted efforts to adhere to the protocols established with the help of Tarrant County Public Health representatives.

See you THIS SUNDAY on the steps!


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