You Did It! A Next90 Phase I Update

By July 11, 2022

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the reconsecration of Wesley Hall, and the Gathering returned there for worship last Sunday for the first time in two years! The Edward and Maxine Baker Children’s Wing was consecrated on April 3rd and recently hosted the children’s choir gratitude celebration. There is even a new functioning elevator on the first floor! So for all practical purposes, we can say that Next90 Phase I is DONE.

Actually Pastor Lance made that public announcement during the Wesley Hall reconsecration saying, “this is the conclusion of the Next90 construction and renovation program…..” He also shared that because of the generosity of our members, the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation, and estate gifts, First Church “is completing this project and opening it all up with no long-term debt, allowing for 100% of our focus to continue to be on ministry….”

In March of 2020, close to 400 FUMCFW households endorsed the Next90 Phase I building project by making a financial commitment to raise one-third of the $15.4M projected construction costs. The numbers have been revised in recent weeks to reflect changes in membership status, deaths and relocation of members resulting in no significant change to the original committed amount or number of households.

It is with sincere joy and gratitude I share the following update as of mid-May 2022.

• 69% of the commitments have been fulfilled with several coming in over and above the original commitment amount.
• 19% of the commitments are in the process of being paid and can remain open as long as the donor needs;
• Leaving 12% of the commitments due in the full amount of the original commitment.

Special thanks to several of you have fulfilled your Next90 Commitment but continue to make a Next90 contribution. Over the last several weeks, I have a made a diligent attempt to thank you for your generosity. I also want to make you aware of three options regarding your Next90 giving:
You can continue to support Next90 with your giving;
You can continue giving but change your designation to another ministry area; or
You can discontinue giving to Next90 and not designate another ministry area.

Your first quarterly 2022 contribution statement which was mailed to you in mid-April reflected any amount due as of March 31, 2022. Please contact me if you have any questions about the amount due or if you need to verify the most current balance.

Again, I thank you for your generous heart and for making the choice to actively participate in this transformative project.

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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