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During this “stay at home period – Here are some added helpful links:

Zoom Meeting Rooms Schedule and Reservation System (New as of May 19th!) 
Please use the link above schedule new Zoom Meeting room events in just the same way you would have scheduled a physical room at the church.
You will need to create an account to view and manage your reservations.  If you have never used a zoom meeting room before and need access info, please contact Emily McDermott, Hans Grim or any member of the communications team for those credentials.

vLog (Video Blog) Submission Link

Phone Support from Hans for Zoom – 903-484-4267

To be on the safe side, compose your request in a separate document to ensure you don't lose any work due to web issues, and then paste it here.
File Upload
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB
(ex.4:03 pm)
If you already have a zoom meeting ID enter that number here. If there is another service that you are using, please enter the link that people would use to directly join you.
If you have a Zoom Meeting Room that you use for another class or meeting on a regular basis - choose that room here so we can try to keep that consistent.
The turnaround time for all materials and event promotions (print, web, and social media) is two weeks. Be sure to allow an additional 1 – 2 weeks if you need something produced out of house, such as signage, business cards, shirts, or anything large in quantity or irregular in size. (During this uncertain time - we will do everything possible to make this happen ASAP. Please know that filling out this form helps us make sure everything gets addressed as soon and as efficiently as possible.)

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