Forms and Requests

Zoom Room Reservation
Please use the button below to schedule new Zoom Meeting room events in just the same way you would have scheduled a physical room at the church.
You will need to create an account to view and manage your reservations if you haven’t already done so.  If you have never used a zoom meeting room before and need access info, please contact Taylor White,

Phone support from Lisa Waschka 214-717-1812.

Reserve a Zoom Room

Communications Support Request

Communications Deadlines and Turnaround Times

Materials, Graphics, and Event Promotions

The turnaround time for materials and event promotions (print, web, and social media) is two weeks.

Allow an additional 1 – 2 weeks if you need something produced out of house, such as signage, business cards, large quantity printing, or imprinted specialty items.

To be certain that your project is in line for production to meet your deadline, use the communications request form the submit your request with complete details.

Use the blog submission form to submit your blog for the Weekly E-news by Wednesday at midnight. Other blogs will be posted within two days of submission.

Submit all AV requests one month in advance for Live Streamed Events and Video Recordings; two weeks in advance for voice-over presentations.

When you submit a request through our system, there is no need to also email individual team members. If you see the message that your request was successfully submitted, everyone on the team is in the loop. You will also receive a copy of this request or blog submission via email for your records.

Seasonal Deadlines

Submit complete information about seasonal programming (programs to be promoted as part of a seasonal theme) online using the communications request form within the following deadlines:

Advent: Nov. 4, 2022 (Advent begins Nov. 27, 2022)

Lent: Feb. 1, 2023 (Lent begins Feb. 22, 2023)

Summer Programs: May 5, 2023

Fall Programs: Aug. 14, 2023

Please note that seasonal opportunities will follow the deadlines above and will not be an exception after those deadlines have passed.

Web Updates

Submit your request three business days before you’d like for your update to go live.

Remember that it is your responsibility to monitor your section of the website to make sure your information is correct and up to date.


Communications Support Request

Please use your work email instead of a personal account (hotmail, gmail, etc.). Our spam filter will not allow any personal accounts to submit requests. If you do not have an email account please email Lisa Waschka your request at
If you have not yet submitted event details, please change your request type to Event related
If you have already uploaded an "Event related" request for your event, please choose "Additional event related support" from the choices above.
Compose your update in a separate document (to ensure you don't lose any work due to web issues), then paste it here. If you want to add notes and instructions, please indicate those by brackets [ ]. If you'd like for the communications team to write your description, please give us the points you want to cover here. Use the File Upload feature below if you have an image you'd like for us to use.
You do not need to request a Web Page update for an event to be added to the list of events. Please choose "Event related" as your request type if you are submitting an event.

Story Idea

Printed Materials

Please enter a number, not the name of an account. If you don't know the number of the account, please contact the business office.

Additional Printed Materials


Please enter a number, not the name of an account. If you don't know the number of the account, please contact the business office.

Web Page Update

Online Form

Audio/Video Services

If yes, please bring the DVD to the back of Wesley Hall one hour before the event for testing
Someone will contact you to discuss details

Equipment Check Out/Set Up

Sanctuary/Wesley Hall/Chapel/Room AV Request

If yes, you will be contacted to discuss your lighting needs
Sound check is typically 30 minutes prior to event start
If yes, please bring the computer the slideshow was created on if possible to the back of Wesley Hall one hour before the event for testing
If yes, you will be contacted to discuss your music needs


If you are requesting photography on someone's behalf, please provide their contact information.

File Upload/Brainstorm/Agreement

Maximum upload size: 209.72MB
Please note that the Communications team will always reach out to the requestor on projects of a certain scope to have a creative consultation.
The turnaround time for all materials and event promotions (print, web, and social media) is two weeks. Be sure to allow an additional 1 – 2 weeks if you need something produced out of house, such as signage, business cards, shirts, or anything large in quantity or irregular in size.

Submit a Blog

This is the place for staff and congregation to submit stories, observations, reflections and photos to be included on this site.

Thank you for adding your post to the many voices of our faith community! As soon as we receive and review your submission, we will post it within 2 business days. We reserve the right to edit for style, grammar, and punctuation. The ideal post size is around 300 words, but please feel free submit your post as you see fit.

Blog Submission Form

Book Your Space

Ready to schedule your event on (or off) campus? We’ve streamlined this process to allow you to book your space and provide all your set-up requirements. If you need help booking your space, contact Sandy Williams (
Book Space (EMS)

Once you’ve booked your space, please be sure to place your request for Communication Support to let us know about your upcoming events, program details, deadlines, and promotion needs. And, following your event or program, use this request link to share the stories and/or photos from your ministry activities!

Hospitality, Safety, and Security Incident Report


This form is to document any incidents that occur on the campus of First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth as related to churchwide Hospitality, Safety, and Security. These will be submitted upon completion to the HSS committee chair, with a copy provided to the Director of Security.

Contact: Ron Hicks, Director of Security |

Hospitality, Safety, and Security Incident Report

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Select all that apply
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 200 MB.

    Towed Vehicle Report

    Towed Vehicle Report

    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • :
    • Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 200 MB.


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