The Columbarium at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth was dedicated on May 16, 2010 in answer to a longstanding request from First Church members for a ministry that satisfies the need for Christian burial and brings our church’s past and present together in body and spirit.

For family and friends of those whose final resting place is within the peace and sanctity of our First Church Columbarium, there is comfort in knowing that their loved ones remain part of our church community, celebrating with us at Christmas, Easter, weddings, and weekly worship.

The Columbarium includes a prayer garden, a water feature donated by the former UMW Wesleyan Circle as an expression of its love and appreciation for our church, and “Christ Rising,” a beautiful statue by renowned American Sculptor Frederick Hart, donated by Dwayne Jose and Daphne Motheral-Jose in memory of John Wesley Motheral, Sr. and John Wesley Motheral, Jr., Russell Eugene Jose, and The Honorable D.J. “Chris” Miller Jose by Dwayne Jose and Daphne Motheral-Jose.

Located on the north side of the church near its gated Third Street entrance, the FUMCFW Columbarium offers 288 double niches, available for $1,500 per niche. Each niche will hold up to two urns and includes the urn(s), an engraved nameplate on each individual urn, and engraving on the stone faceplate with name(s) and years of birth and death for each individual interred within.

It should be If you are interested or need more information about the FUMCFW Columbarium please contact:

Michaela Lidecker | 817-339-5071.


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