Next90 Building Expansion Project

Next90 is about building the foundation for our next 90 years of ministry, leadership, and service in Fort Worth. We are here at the center of the city, a growing community in a time of significant cultural change, to help people put Christ at the center of their lives by worshipping in new ways, connecting people in new ways, and envisioning ministry in new ways.

We are now at the gateway of our own defining moment for the next ninety years, poised to set the course for new generations of transformational ministry in the 21st century.

Next90 News

You Did It! A Next90 Phase I Update

I thank you for your generous heart and for making the choice to actively participate in this transformative project.


Next90 Update: We Are Even Closer!

As we move closer to the conclusion of the Next90 Building Campaign, it is with pleasure that we express our thanks to Connie Beck and Frank Tilley for a recent significant gift. In her own words, this is how Connie explained the reason behind this second gift.


Do you see yourself?

Please view these construction fence banners, and let us know if it’s not OK for you or your children to appear in these ministry photos by July 14.


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