Lay Leadership

The early Methodist movement grew through the efforts of laity who led small groups, taught Bible study, provided outreach ministry, and led the administrative life of the church. Those efforts continue today with the lay leaders who serve our church community in so many ways. While we nominate leaders as a congregation each year, some committee nominations are approved by the Charge Conference as required by the United Methodist Book of Discipline.

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2018 Officers and Members
The Board of Stewards and The Charge Conference
First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth, Texas

Church Council

  • Approve budget
  • Create and monitor long-range planning
  • Approve other program and worship matters as they occur
  • Meet 6 times per year or as needed
  • Serve 3-year term

Church Council Members

Council Chair: Jim Whitton
Council Chair Elect: Danica Knight
Board of Stewards Chair/Lay Leader: Danica Knight
Board of Stewards Chair Elect: Kyle Wagner
Finance Chair: Amy Atkins
Foundation President: Lee Bloemendal
Trustee Chair: Daniel Roe
Staff Parish Relations Chair: Allison Alvarado
Lay Leadership Committee Member: Carol Harrell
Youth Representative: Christian Muttiah
UMW President: Megan Fahey
UMM Representative: Fred Cantu
Treasurer: Pat Hayward
Senior Pastor: Dr. Tim Bruster

Class of 2019
Sam Atkins
Ken Devero

Class of 2020
Saundra Schmidt
Vickie Jones

Class of 2021
Jennifer Bond
Dave Alvarado

Staff Parish Relations Committee

  • Establish structures of support and accountability for pastors and staff
  • Help staff set priorities that strengthen our congregation’s total ministry
  • Provide annual evaluation of pastors and other staff
  • Recommend candidates to Charge Conference for ordained ministry
  • Meet monthly or as needed
  • Serve 3-year term

Staff Parish Relations Committee Members

Chair: Allison Alvarado

Class of 2019
Allison Alvarado
Clark Sykes
Jillian Voelker

Class of 2020
Margaret Augustat
Kyle Watkins
Bob Herchert

Class of 2021
Julie Compton
Katherine Foreman
John Hunter

Lay Member to Annual Conference: Carolyn Stephens
Lay Leader: Danika Knight
Chair of Finance Committee: Amy Atkins
Staff Representative: Tim Bruster

Personnel Committee

  • Act as small sub-group of Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • Meet as needed for specific projects related to policies and personnel issues

Personnel Committee Members

Chair: Susan Barley
Megan Fahey
Michelle Gann
Jim Whitton

Lay Leadership Committee

  • Match people — and their gifts, abilities, and experience — to committees, task forces, boards and commissions, etc.
  • Meet 4 or 5 times in fall
  • Serve 3-year term

Lay Leadership Committee Members

(formerly Nominations)

Chair: Tim Bruster

Class of 2019
Dave Alvarado
Bronson Davis
Sammye Dunn

Class of 2020
Tom Cockerell
Carol Harrell
D.D. Holmes

Class of 2021
Jim Catching
Lynn Cockrell
Danielle Walker

Lay & Reserve Members to Annual Conference

  • Attend and participate in Annual Conference
  • Meet 3 days in June
  • Serve 3-year term

Lay & Reserve Members to Annual Conference Members

Class of 2019
Joy Brandon
Darcy McCready
Joan Gaspard
Carolyn Stephens

Class of 2020
Caron Quevreaux
Michelle Gann
Ann Maddox

Class of 2021
Carol Hampton
Kelly Fox
Bliss Dodd
Dan Darr

Reserve Members
Martin Reid
Steve Fagan
Dave Alvarado
Wayne Maddox

Committee on Finance

  • Set budget, see that it is followed, and amend quarterly as needed
  • Inform congregation of church finances
  • Meet monthly
  • Serve 3-year term

Committee on Finance Members

Chair: Amy Atkins

Class of 2019
Amy Atkins
Raymond Best
Carol Popp
Brad Shipp
Carol Van Hook
Carter Vaughan

Class of 2020
David Moore
Donnie Waugh
Connie Beck
Betty Poage
Neilson Arbour
Greg Anderson

Class of 2021
Dave Alvarado
Aiden Muttiah
Pat Jamison
Mark Sorley
Krista Roberts
Bob Hood

Board of Stewards/Lay Leader
Assistant Treasurer
Trustee Chair
Stewardship Chair
Church Council Chair
Foundation President
SPRC Chair
Lay Member to Annual Conference

Staff Representatives: Tim Bruster, Larry Ammerman

Board of Trustees

  • Supervise and maintain all property and physical aspects of FUMCFW
  • Report annually to Board of Stewards on state of property
  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage and develop appropriate management policies
  • Make annual inspection of property and submit budget
  • Meet monthly or as needed
  • Serve 3-year term

Board of Trustees Members

Chair: Daniel Roe

Class of 2019
Robert Holman
Barry Hudson
Amy Sorley

Class of 2020
Elizabeth Monroe
Chris Lokey
Kara Bell

Class of 2021
Daniel Roe
Tony Hill
Carol McQuien

Trustee Emeritus: Don Stegall
Accessibility Advisory Task Force:  Joan Gaspard
Hospitality, Safety & Security: Tony Hill
Staff Representatives: Tim Bruster, Larry Ammerman, Sandy Williams

Program Area Chairs

  • Lead as nominated by committees and councils
  • Serve the needs of our ministries and programs

Program Area Chairs

Children’s Council: Lindsay Childs
Adult Council: Sherry Walter
Youth Ministries: Noah Magryta
Young Adult Ministry: Kayla Harrington
Education Council: Sharon Ward
Single Adults: Cindy Young
Stewardship: Amy Atkins/John Cockrell
Communications: Bryan Corser/Kathryn Davis
Leadership Cultivication Commiittee: Sammye Dunn
Mission Teams Council: Beth & Dan Cooper
Fort Worth Community: Bob Diaz
Spiritual Renewal/Discernment: Mary Ellen Barrow/Sharon West
Library: Carolyn Grieser
Archives: Lucille Pumphrey
Lay Speaker: Raymond Best
Congregational Care Ministries: Debbie Downing/Connie Donahue

First Street Methodist Mission Board

  • Advise Mission Staff
  • Approve annual budget
  • Hear reports from Mission ministry activities
  • Strengthen existing Mission ministries and assist with development of new ministries as needed
  • Meet 6 times per year
  • Serve 3-year term

First Street Methodist Mission Board Members

Board of Directors
Chair: Tim Bruster
President of the Board: Cathy Moates
Fort Worth Community Ministries: John Howard
Mission Director: Linda Murphy 

Class of 2019
Steve Christie
Jamie Peebles
Mary Sunde
Diane Wheat

Class of 2020
Bill Lebo
Bettye Dayton
Jenni Shield
Sheryl Preston

Class of 2021
Cathy Moates
David Moore
Jane Dawkins
Bette McDowell

First United Methodist Church Weekday Ministries Board

  • Update and maintain current policy handbook
  • Approve hiring of School Director, annual budget, and any major policy recommendations or changes such as tuition and/or hours of operation
  • Meet quarterly
  • Serve 2-year term

First United Methodist Church Weekday Ministries Board Members

Board of Directors
President: Daniel Herron
Amber Shive
Laura Arbour
Adrienne Lombardi
Emily Mundt
Sara Walters
Sonja White

Ex-officio Members
Nina Burrows, Preschool Director
Steve Fagan, FUMC Business Office
Rui Kelly, Preschool Assistant Director & Board Secretary
Mike Marshall, Supervisor of Preschool & PDO Directors
Paula Wagstaff, PDO Director

Board of Stewards

  • Hear reports from program activities
  • Function as Annual Charge Conference
  • Serve as two-way communication channel with congregation
  • Serve on work groups that address issues such as visitors, new members, and members facing transitions
  • Meet four times per year
  • Serve in 4-year classes and as ex officio members

Board of Stewards Members

Chair: Danica Knight 

Ex-Officio Members
All Appointed Clergy
All Members of the Church Council
All Members of the Committee on Finance
All Members and Reserve Members to Annual Conference
All Program Area Chairs
Secretary of the Board
Director of Children’s Ministry
Director of Communications
Director of Music Ministries
Director of Youth Ministries
Director of Weekday Ministries
First Street Methodist Mission Chair
Justice Ministry Chair
Parish Nurse
Usher Coordinators

Class of 2019
Ann O’Kelly
Claudia Blalock
Susan Calhoun
Mary Craig
Al Crim
Noah Magryta
Allison McMahon
Greg Monroe
Lance Will
Laura Terry
Kyle Watkins

Class of 2020
Barbara Alderete
Dave Alvarado
Carma Anderson
Todd Berry
Randy Brooks
Monica DeLa Torre
Ann Dunkin
Roy Eaton
Joan Lanford
Glenda Maynard
Marsha Waugh
Debbie Whitton
David Smoot
Robin Standley
Clark Sykes

Class of 2021
Debra Atkisson
Kim Bird
Scott Chapman
Norma Chinn
Jeff Donahue
Kelly Fox
Carol Hampton
Kayla Harrington
David Moore
Meg Bryant
Michael Duckworth
Kathleen Potter
Sheryl Preston
Ken Seeling
Bonnie Siddons
Neva Williams

Class of 2022
Linda Brown
Nancy Nabozny
Patti Cockerell
Chrissie Nemeth
Trish Hunter
Dennis Schmersahl
Charlotte Mashaw
J.D. Harris
Curt Larsen
Russ Moore
Malcolm Teague
Michael Dixon
Beverly Maynard
Julie Fagan
Mike Blanchard
Misty Kelley
Terri Nabozny
Karen Hunn
Anthony Bridges
Hector Aldape

Methodist Justice Ministry Board

  • Develop strategic plan for growth and continuity
  • Raise awareness and capital
  • Strengthen existing programs and develop new ones
  • Meet about 2 – 3 times per year when called
  • Serve 3-year term

Methodist Justice Ministry Board Members

President and Chair: Mike Tapp

Class of 2019
Courtney Holm
Nelson Holm
Mike Moncrief

Class of 2020
Gayla Scheidemann
Ryan Senter
Dr. Jim Herd

Class of 2021
Jade Bailey
Mike Tapp
Carol McQuien

Building Study Committee

Building Study Committee Members

Chair: Barry Hudson

Lay Persons
Daniel Roe
Amy Sorley
Fred Cantu
Jeff Dyer
Gaye Fuller
Jack Benson
Debbie Whitton
Richard Fate
Ken Devero
Ben Klipfel
Cynthia Bales
Ryan Laudermill
Lee Bloemendal
Kirk Millican
Tom Burchfield

Dr. Tim Bruster
Larry Ammerman
Sandy Williams
John Howard
Nancy Fisher
Melinda Smoot


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