Kids Hope USA Mentoring

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
— Dr. Seuss


There is power in numbers. That’s why the Kids Hope USA Mentoring Program of FUMCFW reaches out to children who need help to beat the odds. When a child has a mentor who cares, it can make all the difference. And when you care a whole awful lot, everything gets better and better. Research shows that students who met with a Kids Hope USA mentor for just one year improved:

  • 65% in educational success
  • 79% in socio/emotional competency
  • 56% in attitude toward risky behavior

Our mentors kick the stats to the curb — one child, one hour, one church, one school at a time.

Gay Ingram, former First Church Kids Hope Coordinator explains, “Our caring congregation has stepped up, showed up, and stuck with us since 2005 to support these endearing children in so many ways. From weekly one-on-one mentoring visits and prayers to holiday parties, teacher appreciation activities, and donations of school supplies, books, and uniforms, our church has embraced both the children and the school. As always, the Kids Hope mentoring model serves as a guide — it is the PEOPLE who make the difference.”

Starting in Fall 2017, Kids Hope extended its reach to support even more children, this time in the immediate First Church neighborhood — the students of Charles Nash Elementary School. Upon the first visit between mentors and students, it was an instant rapport. The goal of all Kids Hope mentors is to befriend and nurture their students and help them grow in confidence and academic success. The mentoring hour is filled with reading, a variety of learning activities, and shared fun that ends all too soon. “We close each mentoring hour by playing a game and sharing a snack and with the reminder that we will meet again the following week — same time, same place,” Gay describes. “Mentors often express that they GET more from their time with the students than they GIVE. Indeed, volunteering in Kids Hope is a two-way street, a win-win experience for all.”

And the Kids Hope story does not end there. Even though Kids Hope is designed for elementary-aged children, the relationships developed over time between student and mentor often continue well beyond grade school. “Some mentors choose to stay connected to their students throughout their middle and high school years.” Gay explains. “Our hope is that the children’s positive experience with Kids Hope will serve them well into adulthood and that they will draw from the ‘lessons’ modeled and learned from their mentors for many years to come.”

Interested in being a mentor? Contact:
Debbie Griffith text or call: 214-882-1543/email:  for TA Sims
Susan Idleman text or call: 817-9172928/email:  for Nash

Your generous contributions to our annual Christmas and Easter Offerings provide funding for this ministry.


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