Getting Around FUMCFW

800 West 5th St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102

We are located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth at 800 West 5th Street. All of the parking lots surrounding the church are available for parking on Sunday mornings.

Complimentary Parking Assistance is available on Sunday mornings between 9:00 am and 12:30 pm for members or visitors who need to save a few extra steps in reaching the Sanctuary, Wesley Hall and the Main Building. To access this service, please enter from 7th Street and proceed through the lot to the 5th Street ramp near the Garden area. This service is provided by TCU Rent A Frog; tipping is optional.

Buildings that make up our campus include:


Main Church Building | 800 W. 5th St.

The main church building is home to our Sanctuary, Wesley Hall, Leonard Memorial Chapel, Children’s Sunday School, Day School, and Nursery, Adult Sunday School, Library, Welcome Center and the Church Office. Worship services are held in the Sanctuary, Wesley Hall, and Leonard Memorial Chapel on the first floor of the main church building.

Justin Youth Building | 801 W. 5th St.

The Justin Youth Building, located across the street from the main church building, is a multi-purpose activity center for our Youth Worship, Sunday School, and other Youth activities.

Foundation Building | 750 W. 5th St.

The Foundation Building is used both as office space for the church Business Office, Counseling, Methodist Justice Ministry, Dementia Friendly Fort Worth, as well as the Communications Department and additional classroom space.

First Street Methodist Mission | 801 W. 1st St.

First Street Methodist Mission is located two blocks north of the church. It houses our food bank, clothing bank, and infant formula program.



The easiest route to FUMCFW is to take 7th Street and turn into the parking lot, then go straight through the lot until you reach the statue at the end. If you’ll take a left at the statue, you’ll find designated parking places for guests along the first row of our Main Lot marked with green Welcome signs that mark these as Reserved for Church Visitors.

There is also parking available to the east of the church, just off of 4th Street, to the west, just off 3rd street, to the southeast at the corner of 4th and Macon, to the northwest on Henderson from 1st Street to 3rd Street, and to the south off of 7th street.

Look for the colorful light pole banners in each of our parking lots that designate FUMCFW Parking!

Mobility Friendly Parking

  1. If you need a shorter, straighter path to the Sanctuary we offer two options for mobility-friendly visitors. Enter the Justin Parking Lot from 7th Street, proceed straight through the lot toward the front of the church, and park in the designated spots to your right just across from the Garden entrance, but still inside the Justin Lot.
  2. Another mobility-friendly option would be to enter on 7th Street, proceed all the way through the Justin Parking Lot and turn right onto 5th Street (in order to bypass the barricades at either end of Fifth Street) and park on the street (please limit on-street parking to the curb across from the front of the church to leave the other lane open for emergency vehicles.)
  3. Finally, if you will be using a wheelchair, your driver is welcome to pull up to the Garden entrance to let you out and then park on the other side of the street.

Each of these mobility-friendly parking options offers you a straight path across 5th Street so that you can enter the Sanctuary or Wesley Hall through the ramped Garden entrance.


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