A funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life (depending on the term you prefer) is a service of worship that acknowledges the grief of those gathered while proclaiming faith in the resurrection and life beyond earthly death. As you and your family begin the path of planning a funeral, we offer you our full support and experience to help make this difficult process simpler. If at any point you have additional questions or need more information to assist you in the process, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones as you move through your journey of grief.

Contact: Michaela Lidecker | 817-339-5071

Preparing for a Funeral

Worship Guide (Bulletin)

The worship guide is an important element of the service and has a simple layout form. After we meet with you to confirm these details, the church office will send you a rough draft via email to review and edit. Please be sure to check this proof carefully to make sure everything is correct. Then, after you have returned this draft with your comments and instructions to the church office, we will make the necessary changes and send you a final draft for approval before printing. Because we want to give all the care we can to your loved one’s service, please understand that we will have to set some deadlines to ensure that your worship guide is produced in a timely manner for your service. Some things to consider before we meet include:

Front: Which picture do you want to use?
Back: Would you like to include the obituary, another photo, or quote or poem?
Inside: When you speak with our clergy, you will decide together on the outline and flow of the service.

Browse Suggested Prayers, Scriptures, and Hymns


Are there particular scriptures you would like to include in the funeral or memorial service? Sometimes a loved one or family favorite can be comforting and meaningful. Our clergy can make some suggestions if you need help — or feel free to bring your own selections.

Browse Suggested Prayers, Scriptures, and Hymns


What music would you like to include in your service? You may want to include instrumental music, congregational singing, or a soloist. Our Music Ministries can help you with guidance and suggestions — and make these arrangements for you whenever possible.

As you think about the music for your service, please keep in mind that a funeral or memorial service is a worship service, and the music you choose should underscore the sacredness of this occasion. While sacred music is a broad term, in its purest form it is generally associated with classical and traditional music. Therefore, pre-recorded music is not permitted, and we ask that secular songs be saved for the reception.

Browse Suggested Prayers, Scriptures, and Hymns

Spoken Word

Which pastor(s) would you like to lead or speak in your service? In addition to the clergy, are there family members or friends who will be speaking? Will they be reading or simply sharing stories of your loved one’s life, faith, or impact? Our clergy can guide you on how many speakers and what time frames would be appropriate in the service you outline together. Having a few people in mind in advance is helpful in making these decisions. For the sake of the speaker and his/her emotions, as well keeping to desired timeframes, we recommend that all speakers’ remarks are prepared and written in advance. 

Additional Considerations

  • At what point would you like to enter the Chapel or Sanctuary? You may choose to enter at the time the funeral begins or a little earlier if you choose to listen to the prelude music.
  • How would you like to enter and exit the Sanctuary or Chapel? Some families enter down the aisle, while others prefer to be seated before the service begins. At our meeting, we can discuss how you exit the service as well.
  • Would you like to offer a reception in Wesley Hall for your family and friends following the service? If so, please let us know at our meeting and we can help you with planning and information.
  • If you would like for memorial gifts to be given to the church, please let us know and we will publish a link to our church website for the convenience of contributors who might wish to contribute electronically.
  • The pastor(s) will meet you 15 minutes before the service for a time of prayer and to share any final words of preparation.




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