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As two people begin to make plans to join their lives together and establish a home, our church and its staff rejoices with them — and is eager to help make their wedding both beautiful and meaningful.

A wedding ceremony is an act of worship; therefore the following guidelines and policies were developed to help make your wedding a happy and holy service of worship.

These policies are also in place to help us protect church property and to assure the theological integrity of our heritage as a United Methodist faith community. Please read this information carefully to understand the guidelines and policies, music, scheduling procedures, and accommodations available for weddings and receptions at our church.

After reviewing these policies and guidelines, if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans and reserve a date for your wedding, please email your request to or call the church office at 817-336-7277. A wedding consultant will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Available Facilities


The Sanctuary and Leonard Memorial Chapel are the two venues available for weddings at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth.

The Sanctuary

  • The Sanctuary accommodates 550 people seated on the lower level, with additional space for overflow seating in the balconies above.
  • The Paup Sanctuary Pipe Organ is the 3rd largest pipe organ in Texas. It has five manuals and 160 ranks of pipes, making it an outstanding instrument for wedding ceremonies.
  • There are two main aisles (no center aisle) that are used in the wedding ceremony — one for the procession of the bridal party and the other for the recession.

Leonard Memorial Chapel

  • The Chapel accommodates 140 people.
  • A seven-foot Yamaha grand piano is available for weddings.
  • The chapel organ is a beautiful instrument, aesthetically refined and acoustically designed for the room size — the perfect complement for your wedding ceremony!
  • There is a center aisle.

Additional Accommodations

  • Receptions may be held in Wesley Hall for Saturday weddings scheduled before 2:00 pm.
  • Both a Bride’s Room and a Groom’s Room are available for Sanctuary and Chapel weddings.
  • Rehearsal dinners may not be held at the church.


The total cost of the wedding includes the following (for wedding & rehearsal):

  • Use of Facilities
  • FUMCFW Clergy Officiant
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Organist
  • Custodian
  • Security

For active members (at least one year), the fees are as follows (members, their children, or grandchildren):

Sanctuary Wedding                                          $1,800
Leonard Memorial Chapel Wedding               $1,200
Wesley Hall Reception*                                       $300

We do not host non-member weddings.

*Only available for Saturday weddings scheduled before 2:00 pm

An $800 deposit confirms your date on the church calendar and is considered part of the full payment. ($200 non-refundable; $600 refundable up to 90 days before the wedding). At the time of deposit, a valid credit card must be left on file with the church. Balance of fees is due 6 weeks before the wedding date. 

Wedding Officiants and Consultations

All weddings at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth must be officiated by one of the appointed clergy on staff. One of the ministers on our staff will be asked to officiate your wedding or couples are welcome to request a particular minister on staff. Your appointed minister will then contact you to schedule a conference to go over the details of the wedding ceremony.


Prior to the rehearsal, please be sure you and the FUMCFW Wedding Coordinator have completed the information sheet. The FUMCFW minister and wedding coordinator will conduct the rehearsal. If you’ve retained an outside wedding coordinator, he or she must introduce themselves to the church wedding coordinator and may assist with the rehearsal as requested. Friday evenings often entail several rehearsals held in a few hours’ time, therefore it is important to observe time limits. If your participants arrive late, a full rehearsal may not be possible. Rehearsal dinners may not be held at the church.

Wedding Music

The wedding ceremony is a sacred act of worship; therefore, the music and texts should reflect the sacred significance with the underlying intent of glorifying God.

  • Our church organist is assigned to play for all weddings at FUMCFW. The organist will contact prospective couples at least three months prior to the wedding to schedule a wedding music consultation. An approved wedding music list — including keyboard, instrumental, and vocal music — will be provided to all couples. Our church organist will also help contract singers and instrumentalists for the wedding ceremony upon request.
  • All musicians (other than the church organist) who are contracted to perform for the wedding ceremony will be paid before the day of the wedding.
  • Pre-recorded music is not allowed in the wedding ceremony at FUMCFW.

Photography and Video

  • FUMCFW has professional videographers available for an additional fee.
  • Photography and videography (amateur and professional) must be done in a way that will not disturb the dignity of the service.
  • Available light only (no flash).
  • Cameras are allowed only in the balcony, rear of the Sanctuary, or back the of Chapel; no cameras on floor of the Sanctuary during the service.
  • Standing on or placing camera equipment that on church pews or other furnishing is prohibited.
  • Videographers in the Sanctuary must remain stationary during the service to avoid disruption.
  • The wedding service begins with the seating of the guests 30 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony and ends after the exit of the families.

Wedding Decorations

  • Worship symbols in the chancel, including the cross, the Bible, the communion table, the Pulpit, the lectern, kneelers, and the baptismal font may not be hidden or moved.
  • All furnishings must remain in place. None may be moved.
  • Nails, tacks, tape, glue, pins, or anything that may mar the woodwork or walls cannot be used.
  • Wrapped wire or ribbon that will not mar the woodwork may be used on the ends of the pews to fasten bows.
  • No rose petals, real or silk, may be thrown or tossed in the Sanctuary or Chapel.
  • No flame candles of any kind or decorations other than pew ribbons are allowed outside the chancel area (communion rail).
  • Only votive candles (no open flame taper candles) allowed. There must be ample plastic material under the candelabra to protect flooring and furniture.
  • No decorations may be added to the railings in the Sanctuary or Leonard Memorial Chapel.
  • All items brought in for the ceremony must be removed immediately following the post-wedding pictures.


  • Receptions are limited to 90 minutes.
  • Saturday weddings with receptions must be scheduled before 2:00 pm.
  • The church will provide tables and chairs. No other church equipment may be used.
  • Furniture will be arranged by the church staff and should not be moved. If there is a special request for furniture arrangements, this should be done during consultation with the church wedding coordinator.
  • Only votive candles are allowed in decorations.
  • Decorations may be placed in the church on the day of the reception.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed anywhere on church property.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on church property.
  • No rice or bird seed may be thrown in the church or on the steps or walk of the church.
  • All decorations and equipment must be removed immediately following the reception.

Weddings Will Not Be Scheduled

  • Sundays
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Saturday before Easter
  • July 4
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • December 24, 25, or 26

Other Things to Remember

  •  Purchase your Marriage License at the Tarrant County Court House at least 72 hours before the wedding.
  • Licenses in Texas are valid for 3 months after issuance. Please bring the license the evening of the rehearsal.
  • The couple may come to the church three hours prior to the wedding to dress and take photos.
  • The church and reception area must be left in the same condition in which it was found. In case of damage, you will be held responsible for all charges necessary to repair damage.
  • Please remind bridal party and family that there is no smoking nor alcoholic beverages permitted in the church or on church grounds.
  • Couples are responsible for reading all of the policies addressed in this brochure, signing the wedding contract, and sharing this information with their coordinator, florist, caterer, and photographer, so that everyone is aware of our policies and procedures.

After reviewing these policies and guidelines, if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans and reserve a date for your wedding, please email your request to or call the church office at 817-336-7277. A wedding consultant will contact you to schedule an appointment.


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