Palm Sunday Surprise

By April 4, 2020

Feeling a little sad that our traditional launch to Holy Week, Palm Sunday, will have to be experienced this year without the deep sense of community as we gather together in the Sanctuary to welcome this most sacred week of our Christian year?

Wondering how Palm Sunday could possibly be the same when you’re sitting at home in your robe and slippers, worshiping electronically instead of corporately?

The message, of course, will be wonderful to hear — and in this stressful time we’re in, it will certainly offer welcome balm. The music, as always, will be beautiful and thoughtfully done — and we all know the unique salve sacred music can offer our spirit.

But what about the rest of it? How can this even work?

Worship coordinator Elaine Johnson expressed these same doubts and grief last week as she was onsite with a handful of key others to pre-record the upcoming Good Friday worship service — and all of a sudden, she says, the loss of Palm Sunday as we know it hit her right in the emotions:

“The choir started with recording Hosanna, Loud Hosanna for Palm Sunday and the tears came,” she relates, “I was sad and mad and disappointed all at the same time. The reality that there would be no children in the sanctuary on Sunday, no stress of herding cats getting them in lines to process down the aisles in their Sunday best hit me hard. I cried for them, I cried for me, and I cried for all those that are missing something right now.”

So, acknowledging all of these feelings that many if not most of us share, we invite you to a very special Palm Sunday surprise tomorrow. No, it’s not going to be Palm-Sunday-As-Usual, but it will be one you won’t ever forget. Promise.


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