What’s NEXT? 1.15.21

By January 15, 2021

According to Construction Administrator Mark Sorley, our Grand Canyon on 3rd street is now complete, and all that fascinating heavy equipment is gone. The hole is dug that will house the Encore vault and the transformers that will power our Next90 Building Expansion.

Next, Mark says, they will pour gravel fill to create a bed on the bottom of the hole. This gravel bed will be 6” and will extends beyond the floor of the vault which will be 64’x38’ (the hole, you may remember, is 80’ x 50’), and then they will set formwork for the vault slab, then add waterproofing and rebar to prepare for pouring concrete, leaving perimeter room so that they can work around it. (The workers access the floor of the hole via ramp shown in photos)

Everything remains on schedule, even with the rain and snow. “The demolition crew was just amazing,” Mark says. “They made up weather days and then some to keep us right on schedule.”


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