7.3.19 Social Roundup

By July 1, 2019

Did you know that each week we post to social media more than 100 times to promote programs and events, encourage people to our different worship services, highlight our ministries, and tell our stories? Did you know that since we are able to target and boost to specific audiences, we’re reaching more people with a genuine interest in what we’re offering as a faith community?

And what is the result of all that posting, boosting, and targeting? An online congregation with inestimable reach! Last year a message from our church was received more than 4.5 million times. Our average engagement rate (likes, shares, comments) is 15.5%, more than three times what the industry considers “Exceptional.”

And, with our Facebook community now in excess of 10,000 people, a Twitterverse of more than 3,500 (As of this week we have tweeted over 14,000 tweets — a new milestone!), and we’ve just launched a new focus on Instagram (@FUMCFW) where you can find photos you won’t see anywhere else, behind-the-scenes stories around programs and events, and more!

To let you in on the fun — and the responses we receive that make our day, here’s a quick recap of the highlights of FUMCFW social media over the past week:

This week our reach was 38,689 on Facebook, with 176 posts being shared. (The average Facebook user has 338 friends, so on shares alone, we reached 59,488 people!)

Our Twitter posts were retweeted to 3,013 people.

In addition to this strategic reach:

Comments on the article “A Picture of Who We Ought to Be”:

“Thank you both, David Alexander and Tim Bruster, for your example and leadership. Praying for all the good people of the CTCUMC.”

“This is awesome.”

This post reached 1,600, was shared 9 times, earned 141 positive reactions (likes, loves), and drew 5 positive comments.

On the video, See You at Church

“Great sound!”

This post reached 1,892. Even better, it was viewed 1,032 times!

Moment With Mike, our Weekly News Show (you just never know what the Mikester will be up to, but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face even as it informs you!) reached 2,243 and was viewed 1,669 times, so, even more important, 68% of those reached were engaged!


Our article, “Sometimes We Get To Know” was featured on methoblog.com (@methoblog). They have a following of 7,400.

Since we began this intentional building of our online congregation via social media in March of 2014, we have achieved a reach of more than 14,457,958. (That means we showed up in someone’s feed on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 14.4 million times!)

If you want to get in on the fun, like/follow FUMCFW on:

See you @ the Social!


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