Ready to Respond With New Cargo Trailer

By January 31, 2018

Thanks to a special surprise donation from Michelle Gann, our Disaster Response Ministry will now have a cargo trailer to tote all of its equipment and supplies — just in time for our 30 newly trained Early Response Team members to serve again in South Texas soon. As Rev. Chuck Graff puts it, “We will now be ready to roll immediately when disasters strike — near or far away.” While Chuck is working on the details with the Board of Trustees, he is already envisioning what’s on the horizon. “Can’t you just see our church name and logo on the side of it, rolling down the highway to serve God and others in times of need, witnessing that we are ‘going out to be God’s people in the world’ and representing everyone in our congregation?!” Chuck exclaims. “Please thank Michelle for her generous gift when you see her.”


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