Loyalty Class: a Zoom Success Story

By May 1, 2020

Change can be hard to accept, especially when that change is thrust upon us. But one thing is for certain, change is an inevitability of life. Over the past weeks of shelter-in-place restrictions, many have realized that they’ll need to jump on the Zoom and online everything trends to stay connected with others in a time such as this!

To help facilitate this process for the tech-timid, our FUMCFW Communications team has been hard at work ensuring that every member of our First Church family can access this incredible tool of connectivity!

One of our favorite examples of stepping up to this challenge is our Loyalty Sunday School class. Including members Jack Benson, Chuck Nixon, and Bill and Karen Hunn, the Loyalty class was quick on the upswing of this change, and they have been more than willing to learn about Zoom and all it has to offer.

Although this learning has not come without struggle, they have stuck with it and have committed to holding space together, albeit virtually, on Sunday morning for their usual Sunday school class.

Jack admitted that he and his group were hesitant to join on Zoom for fear that it would be too difficult to get the hang of it. But their perseverance paid off and after several practices; Jack has now moderated at least five successful Zoom Sunday school classes on Sunday morning!

He says, “You know some of the folks who were hesitant to join during the first couple of weeks have come around and are logging on now.” He continues, “We had a headcount of 77 on Sunday morning — and even some folks who moved out of town have been able to use this time to reconnect with us!” There are blessings around every corner. And 77 people attending a Zoom Sunday school is a First Church first! Way to go, Loyalty!

Although Zooming together isn’t the same as being together, it’s pretty great. Jack says, “It’s starting to feel more normal; we’ve got great guest speakers lined up for Sunday mornings, and a committed group of members who are devoted to keeping us together!” So far Jack says they’ve only run into a few hiccups but overall, the transition to Zoom and our new FUMCFW digital campus has been very smooth.

If you, your small group, or your Sunday school class would be interested to learn more about how you can meet using Zoom, please get in touch with us! We want to ensure that our sense of togetherness doesn’t disappear when we can’t be physically with one another, so let’s use every tool we’ve got!

Contact: Emily McDermott | emcdermott@myfumc.org



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