FUMCFW News Briefs

By July 1, 2019

A hearty First Church welcome to Melanie Hanna, the new Development Director of the Methodist Justice Ministry, our new Music and Worship Arts Assistant, Aaron Hampton, and our new Main Office receptionist for Fridays and Sunday mornings Michaela Lidecker!. . . A big WooHooo! to our fabulous Adoramus Chamber Choir on its outstanding performance, “Afternoon of Broadway Favorites” concert last Sunday (If you missed it, watch it here!) . . .and with this grand finale come a new musical opportunity for the rest of us! MorningSong is up and running for its 2019 season! All are welcome — including kiddos and teens! No singing experience or talent required — just show up in the 2nd floor choir suite 30 minutes before either service to learn the song and give yourself the gift of singing for your church — and a view from the loft that just may make you want to join the choir! . . . Cheers for one more home constructed thanks to the help of our FUMCFW Staff at its annual Habitat for Humanity Staff Build . . . FYI, the City of Fort Worth now has an Ambassador program that offers a safety escort service. So, if you find yourself walking downtown alone, just call the dispatch center at 817-484-3723. To learn more about the Ambassador program, click here.  And finally, do you remember the Austin’s Underdogs Food Truck we’ve had here for several FUMCFW 5th Street Celebrations? Austin’s mom just let us know that Austin, who is an FUMC Day School alum, will be featured as an American Spirit Story featured on the Macy’s 4th of July Spectacular on NBC on Thursday, July 4th between 7pm to 9pm Central Time! Check out Austin’s backstory here. Happy Fourth of July, FUMCFW Family!


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