New Opportunity for Connection for Ladies at FUMCFW

By September 10, 2021

We are ladies at FUMCFW at a similar stage of life. I have twins who are seniors in high school. I found my place at church serving in Children’s and Youth ministry with other parents and people who just like kids and teens. As my kids leave home next year, I wonder where I will fit in. What will get me excited to come to church on Sunday or other days of the week if I don’t have my church friends to look forward to spending time with?

A few years ago, my friend Sarah, invited me to get involved in United Methodist Women. I wasn’t sure it was going to be for me or if I even had time, but when your friend invited you, you just make a reservation and come have lunch. Of course, I made a few other friends come have lunch, too. What I expected was not what I found. I found a group of women who have literally built the city of Fort Worth on a foundation of Christ’s love and grace, who mentor other women, showering them with great love and affection. What I’m still missing though is my own UMW circle which is a group of women with a common interest, purpose, or age range who spend time together socializing, in service and learning.

We are forming a new UMW Circle to meet the needs of women who are in their 40s and 50s or thereabout. they might have children in the youth group age, college age, recent college grads or no children at all. For those of us who are facing an empty nest soon, we are losing one of our greatest points of connection at the church, and we know that having a strong connection with women who were a stage just ahead of us when our kids were younger or when we were in the earlier phases of our careers or relationships was invaluable.

Please help us to know what the needs are for the women in this group in our community so that we can create a group that is accessible and inclusive and just what you need by answering a few questions in this survey. Esther Circle Interest Survey If you would like to contact me directly about being involved in the Esther circle, my information is below.

Kindest regards,
Linda Kennedy


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