Try out our newest yoga offering, Restorative Chair Yoga, for free through February! 

By January 31, 2019

If you missed out on the January free trial period for our newest yoga offering, Restorative Chair Yoga, no worries! You can still try out this class for free through the entire month of February! 

Featuring dimmed lights, soft music, and gentle movement entirely in the chair, this is the yoga class for you if you need to step back, take exercise a little easier, and help your body toward healing and recovery from joint pain, muscle or tendon strain, foot issues, or other conditions.

Many of us have at times needed to step back and rest our healing bodies; however, most of the time the road to recovery should include gentle movement. Restorative Chair Yoga is that gentle movement class. It is a 45-minute chair class in which we stay in the chair the whole class. We may even use two chairs to elevate our legs and feet. This class is a perfect opportunity to slow down, reduce movement, and allow ourselves to reconnect with movement and health. Registration & waiver required.

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