September 2019 Social Roundup

By October 4, 2019

Monthly Social Media Roundup

Each day on FUMCFW Social Media we reach out, interact, and share First Church messages with an enormous “online congregation” through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Here are this month’s highlights!

Our September Facebook Reach, which is how many times our posts hit someone’s Facebook feed was 198,739. Of those “reaches” our posts were shared 1175 times to an average of 338 people per share. With this combination of our posting and the shares we are getting from those we initially reach, this past month we. attained a total reach of 595,889.

In addition to simple “likes” and shares, we are excited to report a steady stream of positive comments,  which is the highest level of engagement with our sometimes unseen “online congregation.”

Breakfast Tacos

I love it!!! Jesus will win people over from TACOS !!

Divorce Rebuilding

Is there anyone on Northside of ft worth to talk about separation leading to a divorce ???? I need help

Tim’s blog

What are Service time?

I have always liked him.

Dr. Bruster, I am enjoying your sermon series about the storms in our lives. Your messages help me to be a better person.


Awesome, my hubby plays.

Daily Devotional

That is one of my favorite scriptures! 📖💗

New Horizons

Can anyone attend?

First Talks

This Church has some of the best organized in depth teachings you will ever experience.

Watch Us Online

This is great!

There are many times, due to health reasons, I am not able to attend worship in person. It is such a blessing the Television Ministry streams the service so I can be in worship. Thank you.

Shout Out To Mark Burrows

Congratulations Mr. Mark! What a blessing you are. Fantastic video and well deserved!!!

First Methodist children are so blessed to have you! We adults are too!

💜. He definitely has a special spark that infuses children with their own spark of enthusiasm and creativity. A Blessing to us all. I bet when you hear Mr. Mark’s name you smile. 😃

Beautiful! 🙏🏻

Mr. Mark ROCKS! <3

Awesome in many ways, and many talents.

Great profile video!!!


He is a treasure!

It was a pure delight watching your feature video. You are talented, endearing, genuine, and a precious gift to all who know you. Mister Mark… you’re Mister Terrific!

Awesome video. You’ll get tears in your eyes watching. It’s/you’re watching something sacred.

See You at Church

Amazing! I can’t wait to be in the sanctuary and hear (and feel!) this performance. Wow. 😊💕

Gaston Foote, the Minister from years ago preach the best Easter message he had ever heard. One of my great, great uncles helped put in some of the stained glass windows.

I <3 the Crossroad Singers!

Give in the Garden

Most beautiful church too

Remarkable ministry
Trendy & Traditional

Young Professionals Game Night

We need to start one of these for OLD (competitive) professionals!

Tom Blog

This is a great church if you live in Cowtown!

Dementia Friendly Chapel Service

Thank you for being open to those with the many forms of dementia🙏🏼

Dawen Lee Piano Recital

Imagine this would be awesome!!!

Wish we were closer so we could hear you. I’m sure your concert was fabulous.

Daily Devotional

This is truly awesome. Such a great post. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Keep sharing the inspirations my friend!

One of my favorites

Like that being released on FB by a path burning church.

We Respond: Crisis at the Border

It’s a shame we as United States, cannot do more for these folks!! If I had the money and the means,I would help in every way !!!

I love FUMC for these very reasons!


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