Honor a Loved One For Valentines

By January 28, 2021

A gift to the UMW Endowment Fund is a great way to honor or remember a friend, relative, or group, especially during this season of love. Once you make a gift, a lovely, embossed acknowledgment card will be sent to your honoree or to the family, if it is a memorial gift.

This thoughtful gift is made with no shopping, no wrapping, no worries about the style or fit – just a gift from your heart in memory or honor of someone you hold dear (or even a group of someones).

Please write your check to UMW Endowment Fund and mail it to:

Carol McCarthy
PO Box 470514
Fort Worth, TX 76147

Be sure to include information regarding whether it is an honorarium or a memorial, along with the following details:

  • Name of the person being honored or remembered.
  • Name and address where acknowledgment card should be sent.
  • Your name and address.

The UMW Endowment Fund of First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth is a 501(c )(3) organization established in 2010 for the sole benefit of the United Methodist Women unit of First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth. The mission of the Endowment Fund is to receive, maintain, and preserve, through long term investments, the corpus of gifts and bequests. The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to utilize the income, interest, and dividends from the investments to support UMW local mission giving for women and children and to perpetuate the UMW unit at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth.

In 2020, the UMW Endowment Fund distributed $5000 to UMW at our church. The $5000 was included in the proceeds of the UMW auction held in the fall of 2020.

If you have any questions, please email or call Linda Vigness, Chairman of the UMW Endowment Fund Committee, at lvigness@gmail.com or 8170-676-1511.

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