Hope in Uncertainty

By July 30, 2020

When life feels bleak, acclaimed author Anne Lamott is well known for helping her readers to rediscover the hope and wisdom that have been there within us all along. In fact, Lamott is often touted for her honest writing and ability to reach directly into the soul of her reader with depth, wit, and humor not many authors can achieve.

In her newest book, Almost Everything: Notes on Hope this New York Times bestselling author teaches us how to rediscover our sense of hope in these uncertain times.

With Lamott’s Almost Everything as Rev. Linda McDermott’s final summer selection for her three-part Summer Book Club, we’ll travel together through this thoughtful little book that is at once candid, caring, insightful, and (at times) hilarious.

Although Lamott’s Almost Everything was written in 2016 and not during the global pandemic, Lamott seeks to reach into the heart of these feelings we are all prone to falling into and help us harness them into more helpful coping tools.

Divided into short chapters that explore life’s essential truths, Almost Everything highlights these moments of insight and, with Lamott’s characteristic warmth and humor, offers us a real path forward. When asked why she began to develop this particular book, Lamott says, “Everyone I knew just felt really doomed – in fact, that was the original title of the book – Doomed: A book of hope.”

Whether this is your first time reading Anne Lamott or you are a seasoned Lamott enthusiast, this book can bring hope into this unprecedented time. Or, as Lamott says, “Fear, against all odds, leads to community, to bravery, and to right action, and these give hope.”

“In this book club, more than anything I wanted the participants to experience three different female authors, and their very different explorations of a variety of issues,” Linda explains.  “I wanted each reader to see these very different explorations of faith and spirituality and explore how they can relate to them in their own lives.

“In this case,” she continues, “it is finding hope in uncertainty. Anne Lamott brings something different to the table than the other authors we’ve studied. She brings honesty and (often) hard-hitting truths about hope and where we find it.”

Linda extends an invitation to anyone with a desire to learn and listen to a variety of differing opinions to join this discussion of her final book club selection of the summer. “Come on!” she says, “Bring your lunch, invite a friend to read along with you, and ‘bring’ them along to our Zoom discussion! I am so excited to hear what everyone thinks.”

If you love to read, like to consider tough questions, and are interested in hearing a wide range of opinions, please join Rev. Linda McDermott on August 13 at 11:45 am for her final Summer Book Club meeting — and keep an eye out for her newest Fall offering, coming soon!



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