And the Justee Award Goes To . . .

By May 17, 2018

May 6 was our 2018 Youth Banquet, an event that holds all kind of beloved traditions, like senior speeches, slideshows, scholarship announcements, and of course, the Justee Awards. The Justees are 12 awards given to youth every year in honor of fun memories made and notable accomplishments.

Here are this year’s winners:

The “Someone has to Live Here!” Award – Marlo Williams, Senior

The Most Improved Award – Laura Matt, Junior

The Christmas Champion Award – Carson Magryta, 8th Grade

The Kick-Butt (Or at Least Board) Award – Grace Burrows, Freshman

The Puzzlemaster Award – Elise Stewart, 7th Grade

The Most Selfies Taken Award – Carter Shipp, 7th Grade

The Trailblazer Award – Katherine and Miller Johnson, 6th Grade

The Most Committed Penguin Award – Thomas Jolin, Sophomore

The Most Creative Under Duress Award – Lily Henderson, Junior

The Youthiest Youth Award – Melanie Linguist, Senior

Best Picture (our only recurring award) – Ainsley Bond, 8th Grade

The Fire Safety Award – Graham Watson (intern)



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