Get a Deeper Glimpse of a First Church Treasure

By August 1, 2019

Once a year, the Youth Ministries of FUMCFW lead worship in what is commonly known as Youth Sunday. What is Youth Sunday? Why is it important? What unexpected treasure will you find in this unique service this year?

On Sunday morning August 18 the FUMCFW Youth will plan and lead this annual worship service from top to bottom — and with this careful planning and thoughtful leadership, everyone here at First Church will have an opportunity to hear what our teenagers have to say — learn more about their experiences of faith, understand the impact of their service to our church, and consider what being part of our vibrant and growing Youth Ministries means, not only them, but the rest of us as well?

“Probably the best way I can describe my experience after a year’s pretty heavy immersion in our youth ministry is if you ever find yourself succumbing to the mental stereotypy of teenagers as shallow or self-centered or obsessed with their phones, if you find yourself succumbing to any of those mental stereotypes, I want you to understand that when it comes to the young people in this church, that stereotype is not relevant at all,” comments Rev. Lance Marshall, Senior Associate Pastor. “The young people in this church are thoughtful and spiritual and profound and deeply committed to Christ, not only in crisis moments or in tricky situations, but also in the everyday life of the people around them. I just couldn’t be more thankful for these young people and for their discipleship and for the people who lead them. Learning firsthand about this ministry of our church is a really powerful experience I wish everyone could have.”

Wish granted.

Consider this your personal invitation to our 11:00 am Sanctuary service where you’ll have just this opportunity. As our youth lead is in worship, you will find any number of unexpected insights, delightful surprises, and heart-warming affirmation of all that is alive and well and good about the Youth Ministries of FUMCFW.

“I can’t wait for you to come and hear what our youth have to say about their experiences as part of this church,” says Kat Bair, Director of Youth Ministries. “I really want everyone to see for themselves what I get to see each and every week in Youth Ministries —how much these kids love this church and one another.”


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