Checking In and Checking On

By April 10, 2020

With our phone calling team continuing to do check-in calls for members of our church who are not affiliated with any specific group, they are learning more than ever before the true value and impact of reaching out with a simple phone call. “These calls are usually turning into wonderful, 30-minute conversations,” observes Rev. Phyllis Barren. “People are really lonely,” she adds. “Sometimes just reaching out with friendly conversation is all it takes to make them feel a little better — to lift their spirits by letting them know that we do care about them.”

“We have had lots of new guests watching our worship services,” adds Lisa Helm, Director of Welcoming Ministries, whose job it is to follow up with new contact info received by people who register their attendance online. “And a lot of first-time guests have remained with us and are discovering more and more about out church!”

Lisa adds that just calling people and learning what they’re experiencing and going through and needing from church right now — and then connecting them with the resources we have available is a great opportunity for ministry. “This week we had 12 volunteers, and they called 266 people. Last week, we had 23 people call almost 400.”

Lisa shares some of the comments she received from the volunteer callers over the past two weeks:

Wow – I didn’t know that this would make me feel so good!  I just finished my calls and I was so surprised at the number of people who said, “your call made my day”. So, I can tell you that made my day.

All that I reached are doing good…no issues with anyone. Left several messages. All that I talked with have been connecting online (what a great thing that is)!  I have enjoyed making these calls…all have been to people I do not know so that has been fun getting to know them!

Can’t wait to reach out and will do that this afternoon. In a funny coincidence, I just got a call myself. Definitely made me smile and hope I can do the same for others!  Stay safe and please reach out if there is more I can do.

Calling is certainly something that I can do while at home.  It was fun calling my list- lots of laughs with those I called. I didn’t know any of them, but it will be nice to meet them at church when we’re back. 

“As you can see from the comments, many of the people who make the calls really enjoy reaching out,” Lisa observes. “There are another 200 we plan to call next week, and we would love to have more volunteers.”





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