Mid-Month Update

By December 18, 2020

Thanks to the wonderful and growing response to our StepUp! campaign with the snazzy animated offering plate to continue our Pass the Plate tradition started last year (just drop $20 in the offering plate each Sunday or as often as you can) we as a church are well on our way toward coming together to close out our financial year and get ready for another year of meaningful ministry in Fort Worth and beyond.

So here’s where we are so far:

As of November 30 we were $111,000 short for the month, but thanks to a large donation that came in shortly after December 1, we are moving steadily toward our year-end goal, which, according to Director of Finance Steve Fagan, is now approximately $595,000 away from the finish line. This goal, he adds, is well within reach if everyone takes a few minutes over the next two weeks to complete their 2020 commitment, make an additional Step-Up! gift to our church, or join the fun of dropping a $20 (or several) in our virtual offering plate.

“Looking back at last year, we needed $625,000 to finish the year on 12/9/19,” Steve elaborates. “So our situation is comparable to last year despite the challenges of the global pandemic. With those challenges in mind, I encourage everyone who is still in a position to give to take the opportunity to experience God’s grace through giving generously to our ministry fund.”

We can do this, First Church! Step-Up now!

step up

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