NEXT90 PHASING PLAN — We’re Moving Forward!

By December 7, 2019

We all know the next 90 years of FUMCFW mission and ministry are coming, regardless of any denominational conversations or other distractions we may face.  Because we are committed to a faithful, growing witness in Fort Worth for the next ninety years, we know that taking action to shape the future mission of this church needs to continue to move forward!

So how do we move forward faithfully, boldly — and yet wisely?  What is our best first move — and one that will keep our momentum high, honor the gifts we’ve already received, and solve the issues most pressing in a reasonable amount of time?

Over the past months our church leadership and Building Committee has been working diligently to answer these questions before us, and at last, a plan has emerged. By phasing the Next90 Building Project we can begin work in the more immediate future on the things that prepare the infrastructure and solve some immediate problems and will likely enable us to emerge from this preliminary step debt free. Then, with the help of a second capital campaign upon the completion of Phase 1, we can move forward with the rest of the Next90 Building Expansion Project as soon as that funding is secured.

“The reaction from our leadership to this idea of phased construction has been extremely positive,” remarks Larry Ammerman, FUMCFW Business Manager. “I think people are really excited at the fact that we are doing something — moving forward in this solid and well-thought-out first step.”

So what will phase I include?

Our Building Committee, Architects, and construction consultants are still working out the exact details of this phasing and will likely finalize many of these in its upcoming December 16 meeting. Stay tuned for more details, coming soon!


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