FUMCFW Financial Dashboard: Let’s all keep an eye on our fuel level!

By July 18, 2019

Ever wonder how our church is doing financially as the year moves along? We hear a lot about our goals and projections during our Stewardship emphasis — and usually at the year’s end when we need to close the gap, but what about now? Month to month? Season to season? What if we worked a little harder all year to make sure there is no gap at all, come December?

In the spirit of full transparency about how your generous gifts to support the ministries of our church are stacking up as we move through our ministry year toward successful completion of our annual ministry goals, we bring you the monthly financial dashboard, courtesy of our Business Office and Committee on Finance.

By having this information in all of our heads as the year unfolds, we can all be much more aware of not only what it takes to do what we do as a faith community, but also when we’re running a little short of our giving goals and we all need to step up a little bit more to fulfill our commitment to Love God, Serve People, and Transform Lives as we have planned for the year.
As you can see in this dashboard report for the month of June, Member Giving (our member donation to support the Ministry & Operating Budget) compares our monthly actual receipts to the amount budgeted for the ministry activities planned for the month. As you can see, the bar to the right shows that we have received 96.9% of our budgeted funds through the end of June.

Thank you for keeping your commitments to our Ministry and Operating budget current — and for making generous additional gifts throughout the year to reflect your active support of the good we are able to do together to share God’s love, at home and around the world!

On the expenses side, these graphics show we are so far this year related to what we’re spending:

  • Staff Expense compares our actual expenditures for staff, including benefits, against our budgeted amounts. We are right on budget YTD.
  • Other Expenses category groups important similar expenses together (i.e. expenses for Music & Worship departments, Administration (including Communications), Building costs (including Lyle Lodge) and Ministry areas, including all individual program areas. The bars compare our actual costs YTD against our projected budget YTD.
  • Attendance shows the 2019 monthly average attendance of our Sunday worship services as compared to 2018.
  • New members reflects the number of new members added as compared to 2018.

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