Enneagram: What’s My Number?

By January 24, 2020

You may have heard of the Enneagram or maybe even taken the online quizzes! Or, you may be wondering what on earth this Enneagram thing is!

No matter our age, race, gender, or social status, we all wonder one thing:

Who am I, truly?

This Enneagram workshop can help guide you toward a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to others.

What IS the Enneagram? With its roots dating back to Babylon, the Enneagram is an ancient way of describing and understanding nine different personality types. Through the discovery of your personality type, you will be better able to understand your motivations, your way of seeing the world, what evokes stress and security for you, and the ways in which your “God essence” is uniquely present in you- allowing you to offer grace and compassion to others as well as yourself.

Why is study of the Enneagram important? Learning your number and all of its characteristics — and how that number interacts with other numbers provides a unique roadmap for making the most of our relationships with others, allowing you to offer grace and compassion to others as well as yourself.

This weekend promises to bring both insight and inspiration as well as provide an entertaining look at the 9 numbers of the Enneagram. We’ll begin on Friday night from 6:30 – 9:00 pm (light dinner will be served) and continue Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (lunch and snacks provided). Cost is $25 per person; $40 per couple.

Rev. Linda McDermott reflects on her own experience with the Enneagram, “I love it! As I continue to delve into the wisdom of the enneagram, I have had many epiphanies about my own way of relating to others, to God, and to the world. It has been enormously helpful!” The workshop will include an intense walk through of all 9 numbers and then a look at Stress, Security, Wings, and Grief. This study is perfect for those who have never heard of the Enneagram or for those who already know their number and are looking to go deeper.

“The enneagram is a great tool for better understanding ourselves, our relationships, and even our spiritual lives. Not only has it been helpful for me personally, it has also been helpful to us as a church staff to better understand one another and have a greater appreciation for how our differences make our staff team stronger.”

— Tim Bruster

We aim for you to leave this workshop with a better understanding of who you are and how to better relate to the world (and the people) around you. Registration Required by January 31!


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