Cowtown Marathoners

By February 28, 2020

Running a marathon is no easy feat. It’s 26.2 miles of what one can only imagine is an emotional toll as much as it is a physical one. FUMCFW’s own graphic designer, Richard McQuillar, will face that fear head-on as he embarks on his very first full marathon March 1.

Although Richard has always been fascinated with all things “fitness,” he has not yet attempted to run a full marathon, so it has been on his bucket list of things to accomplish. His father, Richard Sr., however, is an experienced marathoner with fourteen marathons under his belt. When asked the question, “Why this year?” Richard’s straight-forward yet thoughtful response was “This could be the last year my dad runs the full Cowtown marathon, so I want to run with him before he decides to hang up his running shoes.” What an act of courage to carry that familial tradition into the next generation. To underscore this true family affair, Richard’s son, Maxwell, will be running the Cowtown 5k — all of them cheered on by family, friends, and of course, Richard’s wife, Laura, other son, Miles, and daughter, Maya.

We wish Richard Sr., Richard, Maxwell and all of our First Church family participating in this year’s Cowtown the best of luck as they run this Sunday. Be sure to keep all the runners and their families in your hearts and minds as they embark on this incredible experience in the heart of our beloved Cowtown.


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