We Did It!

By December 7, 2019

As of November 30, we exceeded our goal to increase Fall attendance by 10% by 20 people for a total of 10.01%. This increase across all services is thanks largely to you — and your willingness to reach out, to invite, and to welcome both members and guests warmly each Sunday. “2019 has not been a year absent of issues,” remarks Dr. Tim Bruster, Senior Pastor. “To see that kind of increase — and the result of our intentional efforts across the board is something to be proud of!”

“I want us all to pause and celebrate that,” adds Rev. Lance Marshall, Co-Pastor. “Any time you can have a 10% increase year over year growth in one of the most important times of the year—the Fall kickoff— in a year that has had things like General conference provide such a headwind, it’s a real accomplishment.” Lance says he believes that increased in attendance happens through things like class engagement and getting people to feel more involved in our church and its ministries — and taking active steps to encourage others to attend more often, more regularly, and to invite their friends. It’s also welcoming guests and inspiring first-timers to become second-or -third timers. “All of those things are part of compiling growth, so everyone plays a huge part in that.” He pauses, then adds. “I just want everyone to realize that this 10% increase is a really, really big deal. Every church everywhere, every denomination, from every background, in every context celebrates a 10% growth. Y’all are making that happen—in every ministry area, all the different parts, and all the different work we do. Keep up the great work!”


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