New Year, New Trustees

By January 12, 2018
Welcome to our 2018 Board of Trustees:

Amy Sorley, Barry Hudson, Cecile Montgomery, Chris Lokey, Daniel Roe, Don Stegall (Emeritus member), Elizabeth Monroe, Jerry Colwell, Joan Gaspard (Ex-Officio member), Robert Holman, and Tony Hill

Our Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for the physical assets of the church (buildings and property). In addition, the Trustees:

  • Oversee facility improvements, repairs, and maintenance; security concerns; property and casualty insurance; grounds and parking improvements; and maintenance for church, Foundation Building, Mission, and Justin Building
  • Serve as the directors of the church nonprofit corporation
  • Are responsible for legal issues such as property lease contracts or security issues
  • Are part of the Building Committee as a sub-committee of Trustees

Thanks for all you do to serve our church!


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