A New Angle on The Last Supper

By April 3, 2020

Last year, for the first time, FUMCFW presented the Living Last Supper. A remarkable theatrical work created in 1953 by Ruth Elaine Schram, the scene of the Last Supper, set against the backdrop of the original da Vinci Painting, depicted Jesus’ last meal with his Disciples, the men he chose to be at his side that night before he was crucified, was brought to life in our Sanctuary.

This year, like everything else in our lives, will be a little different than we’d anticipated. But it will be an experience to remember. Mary Grim returns again this year, to bring Jesus’ last night on Earth to life. “It was challenging and fun,” recounts Mary, professional actress and FUMCFW member, “attempting to create an experience of holy togetherness when we can’t be physically close at all.”

Although piecing this performance together was a challenge, it also brought about unexpected bonuses. “Since we were having to use this technology anyway,” she continues, “I thought about what a great opportunity it would be to share with the audience more than only DaVinci’s interpretation of these characters but also depictions of the apostles from artists like, El Grecco and Rembrandt.” Mary concludes, “This production, though different from how I’d originally pictured, is exactly how it needed to be and I’m excited to share it with everyone.”

Mary adds that even if you think you know the story of the Last Supper, you will be surprised at how this live production brings to light many things you may have considered before. “It just presents The Last Supper at a new angle that will impact you and add meaning and a spiritual reconnection with the true significance of The Last Supper you’ve probably never felt before.”

We hope you’ll join us for this special FUMCFW production of The Living Last Supper, premiering live at noon and 6:30 pm on Maundy Thursday, April, 9.



And to complete this unique Maundy Thursday experience, join us for yet another First Church First —  a celebration of Maundy Thursday Holy Communion live via Zoom at 7:00 pm. Come, gather with this virtual community of faith, and share the sacrament and the prayers in this safe but sacred space. Bread and Juice are broad concepts, so come as you are, bring whatever you have (it’s the intent that counts) and we’ll meet you there!



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