Daily Bread

By May 12, 2020

Starting this week, a joint devotional opportunity from Dr. Tim Bruster, Senior Pastor and our FUMCFW Music Ministry featuring Hymn-a-Day May selections from Peggy Graff, Associate Director of Music and Worship Arts, will arrive in your inbox each morning at 7:00 am to help you start your day uplifted and wrapped in the Grace and Love of God during these difficult times. You will also be able to access these devotionals any time atfumcfw.org/dailybread

“It is so important to begin each day with God — and the deliberate act for putting your mind in the place of Love and Grace,” says Dr. Tim Bruster, FUMCFW Senior Pastor. “I find that maintaining this habit through the use of a daily devotional, and especially through the curated offerings of The Upper Room, it just makes it easier to navigate the challenges of the day. This is true in all circumstances, and especially true and doubly important in these challenging and uncertain times we’re in right now.

While our church has been offering the Upper Room Daily Devotional online and via Social Media for years as a tremendous outreach effort (it is our most shared and has the highest engagement of all our posts and reaches more than 2.2 million each year.), this special pairing of this popular devotional, a personal greeting and blessing from Dr. Bruster, and a piece of sacred music may just make all the difference in how you go about your day.

In addition to your daily inbox, you will be able to find Daily Bread with Dr. Bruster archived at fumcfw.org/dailybread

Listen to the entire Hymn-a-Day May playlist here!


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