August 2019 Social Roundup

By September 6, 2019

Monthly Social Media Roundup

Each day on FUMCFW Social Media we reach out, interact, and share First Church messages with an enormous “online congregation” through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Here are this month’s highlights!

Our August 2019 Facebook reach (times we landed in someone’s feed) was 156,277.

Of those reached, those who shared our post with their friends reached an additional 255,866 people.

In total, our Facebook reach for the month was 412,143.

Comments Digest

To let you in on the comments we’re receiving on various posts, ministries and programs, here are our monthly highlights:

Ronald McDonald House Blessing

Wesleyan Adventurers
This will be a great trip!

See You @ Church
Music Offering!? I like that!

Faith Like a Child
This is Remarkable!!!
Most often these are great for everyone.
Love it

FUMCFW Weekly News
I love photos of church doors!

Daily Devotional
Just so sweet.

Moment with Mike
Mike i always enjoy watching you here my friend, this is a good thing that you do so well

Book Study – Short Stories By Jesus
Go Linda

Welcome Gabby
Yay for Gabby Wilkinson!
We love Gabby Wilkinson!!
Welcome Gabby!
Yay!!! Welcome, fellow Frog!!! 💜🐸💜
Welcome Gabby. It was great to meet you last week. You’ll be a great asset to youth ministries.
Welcome Gabby! I can’t wait to get to know you, and serve our precious middle school youth together.


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