Too Darn Hot?

By August 1, 2020

It’s no secret that these hot, sultry days of summer can bring out the worst in us. Some say that these “dog days of Summer” are historically a period of heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck.

And now, with these “dog days” upon us, what can we do to feel a little less draggy, lethargic, and weary of the heat? How can we quell that grouchy, growly, and whiny voice within during this, the hottest, most uncomfortable part of our Texas summer?

Peggy Graff and Friends are back to offer a place of respite through specially curated music and artists to refresh your soul with a series of duets — one each week throughout the month of August. “I think this is an especially good time to bring you a little afternoon break each week with a mini-concert to lift your spirits and offer relief during these dog-day afternoons,” Peggy says.

A sneak peek at the schedule Peggy is still lining up yields excitement in the form of Dace Sultanov (back to do some tango duets with Peggy), a virtual trumpet duet featuring Taylor White, some crowd pleasing duets from last summer’s Afternoon of Broadway Favorites concert, and plus, a surprise or two.

“Music is so therapeutic,” Peggy continues. “That’s the main reason why I’ve done all this. In this stressful time we’re in, it has really helped me to go back and watch and listen to music performances that make me feel good. I always feel so much better when I listen to music — and I hope you will, too!”

So be sure to set a timer for just before 2:00 pm each Wednesday afternoon in August to take a break, breathe deep, relax, and let this music take you away for a few sweet moments. “When I listen to music this way I can literally feel myself relax,” Peggy says. “Music has such a special way of evoking emotion, bringing back memories, and mirroring feelings. For me — and I hope for you — music provides a quick path to joy, peace, and even a brief escape from the stress we may be feeling in these pandemic “dog days.”

Join us every Wednesday in August at 2:00 pm on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Soundcloud. And, because all of these Dog Days Duets will be recorded and stored as a playlist on the above platforms as well as Spotify, Stitcher, Google Music, and iHeart Radio, you can access them any time — and as often as you like!


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