It’s almost time for North Texas Giving Day!

By September 12, 2019

North Texas Giving Day 2019

Schedule Your Gifts

Monday, September 9 – Wednesday, September 18

North Texas Giving Day

Thursday, September 19
6:00 am – midnight
Now is the time to take just a few minutes to make even a small gift to these ministries: First Street Methodist Mission, Methodist Justice Ministry, and Dementia Friendly Fort Worth, all of whom will be participating in North Texas Giving Day.

North Texas Giving Day is an 18-hour online giving event that makes it easy to support local nonprofits in one easy-to-use platform.

Scheduled giving is open NOW through Wednesday, September 18 at!

Or, if you enjoy the excitement and are looking forward to all kinds of fun things that will be going on September 19 from 6:00 am to midnight to empower this great opportunity to give back to our community, you can support your favorite local nonprofits with the same easy-to-use platform!

Why give to these organizations on North Texas Giving Day — as opposed to the rest of the year?

Far more than just offering convenience and the widespread opportunity to do a lot of good at once for all the local non-profits who participate, what’s different about the gifts you give during this annual online giving event is that every donation you make of 25 dollars or more will be multiplied with bonus funds and all kinds of prizes for the recipients!

This year, as in years past, there will be three vital ministries of our FUMCFW faith community — First Street Methodist Mission, Methodist Justice Ministry, and Dementia Friendly Fort Worth — who must raise all or part of their own programming budgets in order to the good they do, all year long, participating in North Texas Giving Day.

And, because each of these three 501c3 non-profit organizations is distinctly separate from our church operating budget, please be sure to designate your North Texas Giving Day gifts specifically to each ministry you’d like to support this year.

As a quick reminder of who these ministries are and what they do:

First Street Methodist Mission strives to meet the basic needs of our neighbors who are homeless with things such as food, clothing, and infant formula — all in an atmosphere of respect and love for all of God’s children.

Methodist Justice Ministry protects women and children who are living in need from domestic violence, neglect, and abuse and then helps them lead new lives free of violence, abuse, fear, and self-loathing.

Dementia Friendly Fort Worth serves people with dementia, their care partners, neighborhoods, and the business with whom they interact, offering education, awareness, and training to provide life-enriching support.

These three very special First Church ministries thank you for all you do to support these ministries of our church!


Give in the Garden: North Texas Giving Day Event

Sunday, September 15, 2019
9:00 am – 12:30 pm | Garden

Join these ministries in the Garden to learn more about the services each provides and to schedule your gift for North Texas Giving Day in advance! We will have iPads, laptops, and volunteers assisting with online scheduling of donations on the spot!.

When you give in the Garden or show us that you have already scheduled your donation, you will receive a special sticker to wear the rest of the day!


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