Namaste, Holidays

By October 8, 2018

If you, like so many of us, are starting to feel the first twinges of holiday angst as trees, ornaments and light populate the Christmas aisles in grocery stores, drug stores and even home improvement venues, you’ll want to take note of what our First Yoga Instructor Linda Blanchard has to say about keeping that holiday stress, tension, and busy-ness under control. “I just saw my first billboard announcing, “Make your reservations, the Holidays are around the corner,” Linda says with a smile. “That means a little (or a lot) of extra stress, both good and bad, are also just around the corner.”

So, what can we do to help bring on a holiday season filled with peace, love, joy — and put our anxieties and stress about getting everything done in the (way)back seat?

“Consider making yoga part of your weekly routine as we roll toward the holidays,” Linda advises, adding that the variety of classes and times available — plus the convenient and wild-schedule-friendly 10-class punch card — makes First Yoga doable for all ages, stages, and complicated lives.

Click here for class descriptions and times for First Yoga with Linda Blanchard.


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