When God Calls, Do You Recognize the Number?

By July 2, 2019

Join Dr. Mike Marshall to explore these questions and more starting July 15 at 1:00 pm in Room 271 of the Foundation Building in his Monday Musers study of “Called: Hearing and Responding to God’s Voice,” by Susan Robb, Senior Associate Pastor at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

In this study and the discussion that surrounds it, Dr. Mike will lead an insightful exploration of Susan Robb’s fascinating book that was written to show us how the very same God who called six of the Bible’s most iconic figures — Abraham, Samuel, Esther, Jonah, Mary Magdalene, and John — calls us, too,

In this book, readers discover the many different ways in which God interrupts the lives of ordinary people, calling and empowering them to lives of service they never would have imagined on their own. “I was drawn to this book because of the often-unexpected nature of God’s call. God nudges to new places and roles throughout our lives.”

Whether or not you have ever heard or felt this kind of call from God, exploring the idea with others will likely offer an insightful look at these age-old questions. And who knows? You may just come out with a new understanding that helps attune your ear and spirit for hearing this call more clearly in your own life.

“There are lots of times I haven’t been certain of God’s call in my life. That can be unsettling, to say the least. Being honest about that and discussing it with others has always been helpful to me.”

If you’ve ever (or never!) considered becoming a Monday Muser, if you’ve dropped in a time or two, or if you’re a regular, long-term Muser, this thoughtful study offers a great chance to connect with others over a topic geared to helping you discover how God’s call to you can bring healing, hope, and transformation to the world.

Monday Musers, a study group led by Dr. Mike Marshall began about five years ago and meets for specific book studies during Advent, Lent and the second half of the summer. This is a friendly, welcoming group of all ages and stages that enjoys the bond of friendship formed over good books and thoughtful discussions. This study’s book, “Called: Hearing and Responding to God’s Voice” is available in the Main Church office for $15, or on amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback formats. This study is free, however, we ask that you to register online so we’ll know you’re coming!

“I have known Susan Robb for 10 years through a peer group sponsored by the Texas Methodist Foundation. I would love for you to join us to learn from Susan’s wisdom, as well as the playful and sincere insights of our group members.”


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