Join Us in the Circle!

By March 5, 2020

Find a quiet place. One where you can just be with yourself. Relax. Listen to the beat of your body. Do you notice your heart? Is it quiet enough to hear your blood coursing through your body?

There’s  a natural rhythm we all share. All of nature. This beat of life that keeps us moving from one moment to the next happens all around us, every day. Once you begin to notice this natural beat of life, it’s hard to ignore.

First We Drum offers participants a chance to not only notice that natural rhythm, but to be active participants in its creation.

It’s your chance to add your own beat to the rhythm of life.

Drums are ancient. Older than Jesus. For millennia, our ancestors have used drums not only to create music, but also for practical purposes like communicating at great distances.

Drums have been used to keep morale up during marches. Drum-like objects are even used in the animal kingdom to display dominance or to communicate territories. Some scientists believe there is evidence that pre-lingual “man” likely also used drumming as an early form of communication.

That beat of life resides in us all. First We Drum is your chance to connect with your inner rhythm and then just let it flow out through your fingertips.

No experience is required to participate — only a desire to discover and examine your own rhythmic roots.

“I was hesitant at first,” Leslie C. said, “since I’ve never drummed before. But the guys create an experience that is so welcoming and natural that I was drumming with everyone else within a minute. It was so much fun!”

No drum? No problem! We have plenty to share and all are welcome to join the circle and discover the sheer joy of drumming.

In addition to being just plain fun and connecting more deeply with the community around you, drumming has proven itself to have some health benefits as well!

From inducing deep relaxation and relieving stress to lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system, and relieving depression and anxiety, researchers say that drumming can actually make you smarter because it accesses and connects the entire brain. Research also shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain actually synchronizes the left and right hemispheres.

So now, armed with all this information, what else could you possibly have to do on Tuesday evenings that will do all of that for you? Come join us, have some fun, examine your own roots, and further your connection with the world and yourself.

See you in the Drum Circle!


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