Do you have an hour each week to help a child blossom?

By September 20, 2019

With our Kids Hope USA Mentoring Recruitment Sunday coming up THIS Sunday, September 22 in the Garden, it seems like a very good time to share one of this mentoring program’s many success stories — just in case you wonder what real difference this program really makes in the lives of the kids we mentor.

Hearing directly from one of our early Kids Hope students who graduated this past May from Fort Worth Polytechnic High School — and is now a freshman at Texas A&M in College Station — is the answer to this question that speaks volumes for itself.

Kids Hope was “a dream come true” for Angie, a little girl who grew up in a small, modest house right across the street from T.A. Sims. Angie, who was mentored by Kids Hope from 3rd-12th grade, has written a thank you note to our congregation, sharing some of the ways Kids Hope helped her.

Angie also writes this letter to encourage others to join us in mentoring and reaching out to the many other children at Sims who very much need someone in their lives to provide the same kind of support and help that she received over the years.

Special kudos, too, to Angie’s mentors, “Mrs. Karen” (Hunt), “Mrs. Paula” (Thomas), and of course, Kids Hope USA Director, Gay Ingram, who makes it all happen year after year.

If you would like to become part of this life-changing ministry, please stop by the Kids Hope table in the Garden this Sunday or contact Gay Ingram ( | 817-999-8075).

My name is Angie, and I was fortunate to be a part of Kids Hope USA for 10 years, from grade three through my senior year at Poly High school. I am now a freshman at Texas A&M University in College Station. Here is my Kids Hope success story.

Kids Hope has been a huge part of my life, from helping me with my school homework to family situations. Kids Hope has benefitted me in so many ways, opening doors for me at all times, always having someone to talk to, giving me a hand in anything that I need, and supporting me.

Mrs. Karen definitely changed my life. I remember sitting in class waiting impatiently for the clock to hit a certain hour, seeing who would knock on the door, and hoping it was her. Mrs. Karen was my mentor for three years and I just appreciate everything that she did for me and my family.

I was scared to go to William James Middle School, being in a bigger and different environment and just hearing scary things about middle school. Thankfully, my new Kids Hope mentor, Mrs. Paula, helped me cope with my anxiety and adapt to a new environment, helping me see the good out of a change.

Even though it wasn’t an every-week visitation, my time with Mrs. Paula helped me release everything that I was going through in middle school; I always knew she was there to listen to me and to help me out. I can say that Mrs. Paula helped me figure myself out. She said that I had more to give and to just trust and believe in myself — and once I did that, I could achieve anything that I wanted in life.

At Polytechnic High school I did not have a Kids Hope mentor but using every method my mentors taught me and reminding myself everything they told me helped me a lot. And, even though I didn’t have a mentor, Mrs. Gay still kept in contact with me. I have been invited to every event and still continue to attend.

It’s very fulfilling to see all these kids being open and to hear snippets of their stories. I see myself in every single one of them. It’s easy to see how much the kids enjoy and appreciate the events and everything else that the Kids Hope program provides for them.

I know some kids don’t have the support at home that they need to believe in themselves and to know what they are capable of. I have met so many kids, every single one of them with a different story, different mindset different goals, and I watched them build relationships at Kids Hope.

I would love for other kids who need this help to get it; I want them to experience what I experienced. I want them to believe in themselves, to have goals, and to know that there are so many people who care about them.

I appreciate everything that the Kids Hope program does and continues to do. It makes a huge change on us kids. Kids Hope definitely shaped me and helped me become the person I am today.




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