Make Your Offering with Just A Click

By March 20, 2020

With our last Sunday’s online attendance topping 900 between three services, we affirmed loud and clear who we are as a faith community in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak and all its restrictions that have wreaked havoc on our day-to-day life — and will continue, it appears, far into the foreseeable future. Building our virtual congregation, therefore, is the key to staying connected, keeping our spirits, and learning how we can support one another.

Of particular importance to the financial health of our church is the opportunity to make your Sunday morning offering online, right there on the same screen where you find your online worship choices. As you can imagine, during this time of uncertainty, the expenses of operating our church and supporting our ministries goes on, oblivious to the shut-downs we see all around us. To that end, our Director of Stewardship urges, “Please don’t take a COVID-19 break. Your generosity is very needed.”

Nancy adds her thanks for the more than 400% increase in online offerings that came in last Sunday morning, including 13 new users who had never logged in before to make an online gift. “Kudos to all who made online gifts last week,” Nancy adds, “and because of YOU, our ministries are ongoing, staying connected, and offering hope and reassurance during this uncertain time.”

One of the things most special about our online worship experience is the opportunity it provides to do far more than just watch the service. In this tutorial video, Dr. Mike Marshall, aka “The Mikester” explains these features; if you haven’t yet tried this kind of worship experience, we encourage you to watch this video and give it a shot.


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