Ready to GROW?

By September 12, 2020

The big news this fall in the Healthy Plate LEARN category is this new all-church Bible Study that invites a new brand of study and community to our First Church family.

Each Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm the GROW Bible Study will join together small groups on campus and those gathered virtually via Zoom to offer a multifaceted opportunity to look deeper into the Bible and find ourselves in the great stories of God.

No experience, or special knowledge required — all are welcome! Topics will generally tie to the sermon series, and will always provoke new thought and lively discussion as we GROW in our faith together through study and discussion.

This inspiring new First Church study opportunity will include elements of presentation, discussion, and interaction among participants. Discussions will be facilitated by clergy, program directors, staff, or lay leaders (depending on how many people are participating). All of the discussion facilitators will have the same guide with the same questions and discussion prompt.

Mark your Zoom calendar now to join this weekly study and discussion and get ready to GROW in faith and community!

Registration required by Tuesday at midnight

Please note that in compliance with FUMCFW COVID-19 safety protocols for in-person gatherings:

  • Attendees will sit 6 feet apart (unless related); chairs will be set upon arrival.
  • Participants will be required to wear masks. Masks must cover mouth AND nose.
  • The church will not provide water/coffee service; however, you may bring a bottle of water or cup with a straw, so masks don’t have to come down.
  • No food is to be present unless medically necessary for an individual. No outside food is to be brought in for the meeting.
  • In-person attendees will be required to fill out the following form each time they attend the meeting. Zoom participants will register their attendance during the meeting.
covid-19 screening form



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