De Colores! Emmaus Ministry

By July 26, 2019

Have you ever participated in an Emmaus Walk? Have you ever considered it and would like to know more? Do you have any idea what the whole Emmaus Walk thing is all about?

On the First Wednesday of each month (the next is coming up on August 7) from noon to 1:00 pm in Room 310, the De Colores! Emmaus Ministry Fourth Day Reunion Group invites anyone who has been on an Emmaus Walk or is interested in learning more about this vital ministry is invited this “come and go,” bring-your-own-lunch (and maybe something to share!), informal and informative meeting — and bring a friend!

This monthly De Colores Fourth Day reunion group spends this special time each month focused on sharing faith stories and spiritual growth as disciples committed to Christ.

The group is now led by Fred Cantu, a long-time church member and leader who also leads the Tuesday morning Men’s Bible Study. If you have questions about this group or the Emmaus Walk, be sure to give Fred a call at 817-368-5238 — he’d love to tell you more about both this life-changing experience and the community that has grown around it here at FUMCFW!

What is the Emmaus Walk? 
Based on the scripture found in Luke 24:15, “While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and walked with them,” the Emmaus walk is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal that begins with what some call “a three-day short course in Christianity.” This profound experience is often promoted “as an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed to you through other believers.”

Beginning with your own discernment and acceptance of an invitation from a sponsor, you complete an application, that will be prayerfully considered by the Emmaus leaders. Upon acceptance, an applicant is invited to attend a three-day experience of New Testament Christianity as a lifestyle.

Following the three-day experience, participants are joined in small groups to support each other in their ongoing walk with Christ, which is the purpose of this monthly De Colores Fourth Day Reunion at First Church. Each month this meeting offers a time for this uniquely connected community to reflect upon and encourage one another in how they are living out their individual call to discipleship.

The objective of the Emmaus ministry is to inspire, challenge, and equip individuals for living and sharing grace-filled lives through their own discipleship at home, in churches, within communities, and at their places of work.


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