Next90 Groundbreaking

By October 30, 2020

Not too far northeast of where we stood today, the leaders of our church gathered at 4:00 pm on October 29, 1929 to break ground to build the beautiful building that has served our congregation for the past 91 years. With faith and courage in a difficult time, that congregation pulled together to build the facility that continues to be in ministry to the community and beyond.

On this October 29 at 4:00 pm, the leaders of our church today pulled together with faith and courage in this difficult time, accepting the baton now passed to our generation by breaking ground on Phase I of our Next90 Building Expansion Project.

We symbolically broke ground on our Next90 years of ministry by pulling a plow through the earth to remind us that we don’t do anything alone. We are a faith community, and it takes all of us, pulling together, to accomplish what God calls us to do in our time.

Guiding the plow today was Barry Hudson, Building Committee Chair, who has given untold hours of time and expertise to this project and has provided stellar leadership.

Pulling the plow were members of the Building Committee, including the church staff who have been a part of that committee’s work, and representatives from each branch of church leadership who have helped lead the church in this vision for the future.

Dr. Bill Longsworth turned a shovel of dirt using the shovel engraved to commemorate that historic groundbreaking 91 years ago, remembering those who have gone before us.

Alice Pepper turned a shovel of dirt using the new shovel engraved to commemorate our historic groundbreaking today to represent the leaders and members of the congregation who will come after us.

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Next90 Phase I Groundbreaking 2020


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