Thank you to our 2022 Lily Donors!

By April 13, 2022

Thank you to the following list of generous First Church Lily Donors who made Easter 2022 especially beautiful!

Alissa Stafford — Kirk Arnold
Allison O’Jibway — Jennifer Slaughter
Andrea Rankin
Andrea Rankin — Elizabeth Kreuter
Andrea Rankin — Marvin Kreuter
Andrea Rankin — Robert Kreuter
Andrea Rankin — Tex Rankin
Andrew & Emily Nance — Ernie Nance
Andrew Norman — Adah Marie Jefferis
Andrew Norman — Dorothy Norman
Ashley & Anthony Bridges — Wendy Bayley and Herschell & Pat Bridges
Ashley Davis — Dale Davis
Ashley Norman — Rick Rush
Barbara Padget — All who live in my heart
Bob & Flo Francis — Ross & Jeanie Sandlin
Brinton Payne — Ann Fuller
Brinton Payne — Charlton Y. Phelps
Brinton Payne — John H. Cope
Brinton Payne — Stowe C. Phelps
Brinton Payne — Tracy Cope
Carol McCarthy — Oscar & Opal McCarthy
Cathy Lien — Kenny Lien
Cathy Mixson — Bob Mixson
Cindy Barnes — Martha Carroll
Curtis Basham — Susan Basse
Cye Wagner — Billy H. Wagner
Cye Wagner — Jane Martin
David Doll — Art & Barbara Ziegler
David Urquhart — Erin Urquhart
Debbie & Gary Griffith — Ann Millican
Debbie Manning — Duncan Manning
Debbie Manning — Duncan Manning
Debbie Parker — Rev. Phyllis Barren
Dell Wood — Doris Smith, Billie Wood & Beverly Sone Smith
Ed Carroll — Martha Carroll
James & Elizabeth Alexander
Jenny Jamison — Van, Charles & Rodger Browning
Joan Gaspard — Bobbie LeMay Gaspard
Johnna Worrel — John Crawford
Judd Sheppard — Jerry Sheppard
June Berry — Elizabeth Massengale
Kelli Cotten — Jacquelyn Petrossi
Kelli Cotten — Mary Cotten
Kirk Millican — Ann McFadyen Millican
Leah Owens — Roger Owens
LeAnn Ayers — Mrs. H.L. (Anna) Ayers
Linda Coker — Gordon & Lucille Lawrence
Lindsay Van Meter — Arch Van Meter
Lindsay Van Meter — John & Rose Petrilli
Lynn & John Cockrell — Lowana & Cleat Cockrell and Rosie & Charlie Wilson
Marie Roberts — John David Knight
Marlise Harman — Jeff Harman and David Harman
Marsha & John Ammons — Donna Smith
Marsha & John Ammons — Ron Hicks
Martin Reid — Clayton Reid
Mary Alice Selcer — Blake Chandler
Mary Clark Smith — Gene A. Letteer
Michelle & William Holloway — Our parents
Nancy & Tony Phillips — Irma & Ruben Brown
Nancy Nabozny — Carolyn Nabozny
Pat Van Meter — Arch Van Meter
Randal Brooks — Julia Fewsmith
Robert Ambrose — Beki Ambrose
Robert Jones — Dottie Jean Jones
Robert Jones — Douglas Lavinder Moorman
Rosemary Freeman — David Jewell
Ryan Kettle — Jason Martin
Sharon Wynn — Janet Wynn Kirby
Shelby Ball — Otis Ray & Anna Spurlock and Mary Ann Moser
Sualice & Ray Armstrong — Berneice Armstrong & Zoe Petersen
Sue Harvison — Bryan Douglas
Sue Harvison — Bryan Douglas
Terri Nabozny — Rich Nabozny
Thomas Williams — Peggy Graff
Tom & Dee Meyer — Parents and brother, Andy and sister, Kitty
Virginia Young — David Young and Gerilyn Crull
Wendy Crowley — Randy Ford


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